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Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy First Day Of Winter

This morning an anxiety kicked in. Haven't had one of these attacks for ages. It sure caught me off guard.
Not sure why it even hit. Well I'm a person who likes to plan or lease no what is going on. Well it been snowing for last few days.
So Carrie reschedule her MRI I believe is the 31st hope the roads are better. And the pain clinic they call an reschedule her for the 24th up in the morning, 9:20.

I can't figure what kind of life Carrie is having right now. She on so much pain pills, and I'm afraid she won't wake up sometime.
She in bed. Sure the pills take care of the pain. But what kind of life is being in bed all day, and the pills isn't helping the issue what causing the pain.

As for eating and exercise I've done right down "Crappy" I can't say I totally flunk out. But I can feel the weight I gain back.

Finish up my next year affordable care act insurance. With a subsidize I'm getting my self and plan for $85 a month. With a $5.000 deductible and after I met my deductible, still will cost me 30% and the insurance company will pick up 70%.
I know I won't even come close to making my deductible. I call it my two broken leg insurance. Any major medical. I will end up going bankrupted,
My husband Medicare has better coverage then what I have.

Fairly sure my son Bart and Molly won't be up for Christmas. Not sure if my sister in law Faith got hold of them or not.  But I'm not going to ask if she did. I real appreciate her giving them a call and giving them a personal invite.
So I figure a little let down neither one of my sons will be here for "Christmas" Sawyer will be in Los Angles his wife Betty has to work that day.
Not sure what Bart and Molly will be doing. But I don't expect them to drive up on bad roads. And it looks like it going to be snowing though Christmas.
But I don't like being dis-pointed. It makes me sad and depress.

Coffee is on


  1. Everything will be fine.

  2. Yes, I know every thing comes out of the wash. Thank you for the support.

  3. I noticed my anxiety kicks into high gear when the weather makes a significant change. I just have to keep telling myself, "this too shall pass."


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