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Saturday, October 31, 2015

What Prompt People

I've always been a curious George. And I decided to take part in this year POST EVERY DAY IN NOVEMBER sort of like WRITE A NOVEL IN A MONTH
Some time Blogher. In there NaBloPoMo  has writing ideal, November it will be PROMPTS, and April of 2015 it was "grow"
I know I won't do all the prompts this up coming November. I'm willing to give possible a few a try.

One thing prompt me to get back on working toward my ceramic shop. I honestly don't mind my clients now. But how medicaid is set up it actual enables a person, not to improve.
I don't want to come across as I don't have empathy for the sick, elderly, or disable. But how medicaid has in home care set up, it's a joke.
So today I took a few items to our local thrift store, Caring People For Pets thrift store.
Also got start on the smaller bed room corner. Add a few more items to my upcoming yard sale, 2016.
Murphy and I pick up a few items. I got my self a scarf so I can do my tarot on. It felt right for it. Still need to smudge it.

They fit and there nice and warm. Paid $1.99 plus sale tax.
Murphy found some curtain do hickies but there they wrong size.

Not long ago I picked up this ceramic bisque doll cat kit. Paid I believe was ninety nine cents for it. I've been search for the mold, Duncan BK 206.
Took some odds and ends of cotton yarn. Made anther crochet dish cloth. This one I change every other roll, double and triple crochet.

Not sure what going on tomorrow. But it been raining and we can real use the rain. This is rare for me to say, sense I'm not a water person. We could use a good soaking of rain. Our ground wasn't froze yet.
If it nice we will either get a load of firewood or haul post off our bench property.
But if it continue to rain. I believe I will sort though three ring notebook binders. Also can continue working on the smaller bedroom.

Coffee is on


  1. Good luck on daily blogging for November. I will make an attempt as well. Happy Crafting.

  2. I'm looking forward to your posts!

  3. You can do it, blogging every single day is easy if you don't of think it!

  4. Have fun with your daily post challenge. I did one last year and really enjoyed it. Talk later!


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