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Friday, October 30, 2015

Rain Take a Four Hour Rest In The Evening

Children will be going door to door for Halloween. We don't get trick or treaters out here. But I always pick up a few items. Just in case they show up.
Today I drop to bags of candy at the local pet shelter. They put on a haunted house to raise money.

Well My client Carrie is determined to have her Bursitis sac remove. I haven't yet figure what it is but some people who life center around doctors.
Went and stop by Regis today. Yesterday he was at the pain clinic and it seem after a shot your a lot worst for 72 hours.
Monday he will know exactly how well they worked.
Pasty son Paul was staying with Regis for the weekend.
Pasty had a migraine and Regis send me some Ibuprofen 800 mg, take to her.

Did a little bit of cleaning in the basement. Went though some more boxes. Redid the spruce wood a bit. Trying to make room to stack more stuff for a yard sale.

This is where I'm stacking the items for the yard sale. After the yard sale this will be the area where I'll put my computer and desk.
Where the computer and desk is now it will be supplies such as decals, paints, stoppers for banks and etc. Or it will be cubby holes, so people can rent and put there projects in.

 This stuff is keepers. Some of the items I need to get to my sons. Yea I'm old softie. Projects they done when they was in school.
I can't toss it. So I'll let them do it. A few toys items for the grandchildren.
This area will be greenware or bisque.

Tomorrow which is Saturday. I'm taking the keyboards and a few other items to one of the local thrift stores. I still want to make the smaller bed room into a sewing/ craft room.
Confession time...I'm tired of having my sewing machine on the dinning room table.
So this sewing stand will be going up in stairs.
 Can't see the corner I did go though. Once the basement is ready to haul items to. The corner will be the first to go. As for the rest of it, I'm sort of stump. But I will figure it out.

Eating went ok today. Well I did have a candy bar. Breakfast and lunch a slice of pizza. Dinner left over beef stew.
Nibble on some minon gram crackers and chestnuts.

Rain came and it been raining most of the day. I got my fingers cross it will let up for a bit for Halloween evening.

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  1. Halloween is a little celebrated in Belgium but not that much and no kids go from door to door !


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