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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nineteen Twenty My Plate Is Empty

  One burrito for dinner. Lunch I decided to try GELATO at under the sun. Never had it before and it was quite tasty.
The reason I was there I went to and crochet with Cozy Crafters a local group who gets together and do crafts together.
I notice most of ladies are knitters. I start two crochet project, rag rug and dish cloth.

The lady who set across from me is making minion hat for her two grand sons. The lady who to my right was working on socks.
The lady to my left was working with bed thread but she wasn't doing much since she had her arm in sling.
My mom use to make thing like dollies with bed thread.

Sometime ago one of the gals who comes to cozy crafters and she from Ukraine she was crochet with fine beads.
I thought it was so cool and I would like to try it some time.

Both hubby and I are in quite a bit of pain. My hip and back is giving me trouble. His back and leg is giving him trouble.
We're going to try to get a load of firewood.
Not sure were we're going either 20 miles creek or trail creek area.

                                                             Coffee is on

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