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Friday, October 23, 2015

Sixteen Seventeen a Maid is a Waiting

Build a fire in the stove this morning. Not long ago Murphy and I build a place to keep our post. The only thing at this time I could think we might need post is for anther trills but we're in no hurry.
I'm hoping to finish this year projects, in 2016.
Have a yard sale and put deck of the sliding glass door.

A least so far today I been a where and plan what I'm going to stick in my mouth. Breakfast was a fairly large slice of pizza, pepperoni and sausage. I did some shopping at Safeway and I got a kind bar
Lunch was stew and for a three o clock snack on cinnamon roll.
Dinner which I haven't ate, but we're having pork chops, mash potatoes and some type of veggie.

Finish my week off with Regis, his sister in law Pasty was there. and we all went to two of our local thrift stores.
Well all of us bought some stuff. Mine was green fabric and some  ceramic pieces that I can re fire the paint off and do as I like.
Got a chance to sort a little more in basement. Once I sort some boxes of items, still need to take a small box to one of the local thrift store.
But went again though a plastic sack and put things in three different sacks. One for our stuff, then one for Sawyer, and one for Bart.
Bart I can just take to him, since he lives in Spokane Valley. Sawyer is in Medford Oregon, I believe I'll just mail it down to him a little at time.

Murphy and I took anther birch tree. Opinion time...I think he should take out the other clump of birch. I had bad vision if these trees are removed. I keep seeing thing like crutches and cane.
Well I has helping the tree go on the up side of a pine tree.
When falling the tree it a good ideal to have escape route out of there. Trees usual fall down hill and it best to run up hill.
Not this time I had to run down the gully, I slip and fell but tree miss me by 3 feet.
 This birch had to be pulled up in thirds. The two tops it had split top so it came up over the edge. We tried to pull the butt end up the same way.
Ended up breaking the rope.
So we had to get a chain and drag it with the pick up though the gully and by the garden.

                                                Coffee is on


  1. Hi Dora, it's very nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. I've enjoyed reading your post. Have a great weekend :)

  2. those cinnamon buns look delicious. i might just pick a few up tomorrow morning.


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