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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Maybe If I Work At It A little Harder

Every day I'm amaze how beautiful our fall is hanging around. I know soon the color will be gone and the trees will be bare.
Even up in Mountain there still plenty of colors.

I know if I drank more water and got back into walking. The weight would come off. Breakfast was 2 piece of toast and 2 eggs. I ate lunch before I went off to work this afternoon.
Dinner it was a beef stew with veggies.
Well for other items I had chestnuts, hot fudge sunday, and gram cracker shape like Minions and place them in bowl and poured milk over them.

This morning Murphy and I went over and visit with his sister Faith.  Her and husband went back to Illinois and visit there sister Susan.
They also took a road trip down in southeast states.

 Faith was making Jewelry once again. There is a couple of local craft shows in the area. I'll propley will go and buy a few items. I like to keep my money in home town when I can.
But it getting harder and harder to. We have quite a few arty type of places. But we real need a good variety store in Bonners Ferry.
Not sure what this will come or might even decided to take it out. I'm trying to crochet with two strain of yarn.
  Almost done with my crochet dish clothes. Each of my daughter in laws will get 11 of them. All a little different. I don't believe I have a favor one.
The other day I went and picked up some ceramic pieces. Well what I can do with these piece I can fire off the colors and repaint them.
Here is strange thing. I got enough bisque around the place. the lamb is ok but I don't care much for little girl figurine.
Got Murphy to help me look though a few boxes. Now I end up with a couple of extra boxes. I have way to many and needs to be weeded down.
Quite happy I got though those boxes. Some items are keepers, off to yard sale, and some are being tossed in trash.
Well I also like the Arnel molds out house set. Actual they where one of the better sellers.
This is actual complete set. Well Arnel sold to Macky Ceramic molds. There been a lot of changes in the mold companies.

I was dreaming a bit. I would guess this church would be most expensive piece to do. If you bought the bisque from me. It would cost about $75.00 to complete I figure it would have stain glass windows, lights, and a music box.
My cheapest items would cost someone to complete fifty five cents. Which are items like thimble.

                                                                                                 Coffee is on


  1. Fall is almost over here, too - except they are now saying possibly it will get up to 70 next week. It's hard to prepare for winter, but our bodies try to, and that is one reason why losing weight is so hard - I am not winning my battle right now. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. Nature up there is way cooler than here in Texas.

  3. I love that outhouse set. Are you going to paint it up and sell it? Fall here is beautiful. We had a ice storm over Thanksgiving, so I think the leaves should all be dropping off in the next week or so. I love this time of year!


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