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Thursday, October 08, 2015

I Don't Believe In Sin


Before Carrie went to her pool therapy we stop in at the Hoot Owl. A fantastic good ole home cooking.
Her and I split one of there big and when I say big I mean big...cinnamon roll. Since I'm here I might as well tell you my other so called "sinful" delight is a Miller beer.

Confession time....I don't believe the entire ideal of "sin" as Abraham base religions goes...sure I mess up and I don't ask for forgiveness. I try to make things right or hope I learn a lesson so I become a better person.

  As for what else I ate today.  Breakfast a ham with onion and pepper cheese omelet. One piece of toast and half of hash brown thing.
Lunch was more four items, sort of. Fairly close to lunch my husband ans I split and apple. So when it came to lunch I ate small amount of grapes. Also had a toast with melt cheese, and hard boil egg, 
Dinner it was ground beef patty, kale, and rice.
I didn't eat it all and I got hunch part of my beer is going down the drain.

 As Carrie was in physical therapy. I went and got a library card for BONNER county. I checked out two dvd, ALLO ALLO  each of the dvd has 2 disk in it.
Let me say. Bonner county library is so much more advance then the one in BOUNDARY county our library doesn't have e books. For a small town library we do have a great selection of books
But what can one expect the voters vote down a levy to improve and up date our library. 
Let just say our town is one bit "progressive" at all. 

After the library I went for walk around the place where Carrie is having her pool therapy  I notice quite a few people have there spooky stuff out. 
This little cat great me with a friendly "Hello"

                            Coffee is on


  1. Good Morning, Dora...it is so nice to meet you.
    First of all I would like to thank you for stopping-by my blog. I just got it up and running yesterday. I finally found a title that I like and a theme that I will enjoy for my blog. It has taken me a long time to just come to terms with what I want to blog about :)

    Your blog is wonderful! I have taken a peep through your past postings and I am very impressed. I will enjoy visiting you and I will add you to my blog list.

    I. too, have decided to just be who I am and blog about whatever I enjoy or feel like sharing. At sixty-nine years old...I have earned this right :)

    BTW...my hubby drinks Miller Light :)

    Have a great Friday,


  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    The Hoot Owl sounds like my kinda' place! :) Love that quilt and that lit'l kitty that came out to say hello. I wish I wasn't so horribly allergic to kitties.. :(

  3. I remember when I was young (way below drinking age) my aunt invited me to taste her beer. I'm sure she did it on purpose, thinking I would detest it, and I did. It was Rheingold, a beer that may have been local to the New York City area. But now, in my 60's, I enjoy a good beer. Have even visited a number of craft breweries (and several commericial ones). But not Miller. Sadly, beer is not the best thing for those of us who watch their weight, alas. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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