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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Did A Lot Better

As for eating style today. I been quite please with my self. Breakfast half potato thing, a piece of toast, 2 eggs semi poached, and some links.
Lunch was a slice of cold pizza, and a smoothie I use an apple, grapes, and kale.
Dinner was a ham steak, peas, and mash potato and parsnips mix together. Confession time...my mouth taste so much like an ocean. I haven't had this much salt for while.

The only thing at present time I can believe that doesn't have R value is the wild open air space. Those who are math wiz and did great in algebra could figure out your INSULATION value. We didn't take off all of our siding. If we did we would of considered.
But we're using double layer of siding. Had plenty up in shed/barn rafter. So we didn't have to purchase any siding for this project.
 The siding is all up now. Ready to do some calking and painting.

Our other construction  job was to make kitty hole. So they can get into the shop/garage. 
We have a new kitty Cat unknown if a male or female. It just show up so Murphy decided to take it under his wing.
We could use a good shop cat. Now the only thing is to put out some old clean blankets for it bed. Now it living in a culvert drain.
 Ziggy is checking the new route into the shop/garage. Murphy and I been debating what to call the new cat, and we're not sure of the sex of it. So we're naming it after the neighbor of Darin and Samantha Stevens on BEWITCHED. The KRAVITZ.

Sure hoping to get all cut today, for my next rag rug. Still have one color of fabric to go. Then I can start sewing strips together.
On my crochet dish cloth I'm doing at present time. Got pretty crook it. So I had to rip majority of dish cloth out and start over.
Sure some pretty fall colors. It been a dry summer and fall. Had a little bit of rain this afternoon.

                                                                Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    came by to see the siding! looks good. good cat hole! I am going to put up gutter this weekend. try and get some of the rain water away from the shop!

  2. I love the fall colors!

  3. nice cat. can you teach it to wiggle its nose and make some magic happen?

  4. I'm eating more but still losing weight, that sucks.

    Maybe you should put a little eve over the cat hole to help keep rain from blowing in.

  5. Rat...We could use some rain.....L the colors are great this fall....Billy I can wiggle my nose like on Bewitch but nothing happens....Bill when I was in high school I wore a size 10 to 12 depending on piece of clothing and how it was designed.

  6. Anonymous11:37 PM

    I love your Kravitz cat, and his/her handsome doorway into the house! - Fawn


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