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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

What The Hell To Say

    This is one of those days I can't even thing what to post on this blog. I recall when blogging was the in thing to do.
I even way been when went to a blog party. One was a tour of possible your home, garden, home town. or about anything.
It been a while since I've seen anyone host a blog party or challenge.
One of my coffee pals, JULIE and her blog "Notes on Paper" talks about leaving 300 comments in 30 days.
Did a little bit of googling and trying to fine a blog challenge or a party. Did general search and did a more of one kind of party or challenge. Since Halloween  is closes holiday. I thought I would possible fine one, no luck. Confession time...Didn't look that hard
I believe most people do enjoy other visiting there blogs.

Work went really smooth. And I went to my T.O.P.S gathering. I was up half a pound. But lost most weight in September.
Since we been busy with doing siding on place. I been sort of watching what I eat. Like today I ate quite a bit of fruit.
Since I won the fruit and veggie basket. A few of the ladies gave dried fruit and nuts and I much on them though out the day.
Dinner was a pizza a glutton free. It was made with rice flour and tapioca it was good.

                                                                         Coffee is on

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  1. I get the feeling that blogging's not all that "fashionable" or popular these days. For my part, I still enjoy reading other people's blogs and do prefer to blog rather than do something like tweet or instagram. I feel like I can better compose my thoughts and communicate when blogging.

    So thanks for visiting my blog in the past, and hope you keep on doing so! :)


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