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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Something That Happen In Summer Won't Happen Later

I receive my gift of a mini wreath from THE WICCA LIFE and I'm using it part of my Mabon altar. Mabon is celebration of Autumn.
The harvest. The harvest this year been a little ruff for some. Not much rain a lot of hot sun.

Was I disappointed in this summer. Confession time....I real want to have a yard sale. It sure looks like it isn't going to happen, this year.

We did mange to get one of our new windows in. The other one had some defected and had to take it back to Home Depot. Not a lick of trouble of returning it.
So unless it rain or snow we won't be putting in window next weekend.

Murphy back is real giving him issues. He loves to go in Mountain and get fire wood. I believe part of his soul been broke and he won't be able to get the firewood for the home.
Not sure what we will do.
If we get it, actual it cost us around $30. To purchase red fire or larch it runs about $140 a cord.
As I was saying we got a new window in.
We hired Quincy son Kelby to split fire wood. Which help and Murphy now see where it helps.
In my line work as in home care giver. I seen to many people are to proud or cheap to get help.
Long story short. They end up in a lot worst shape. They should of got help...A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
I like to budget about $220 worth of help around here, for the rest of the year.

When summer comes to and end, yard sale season takes a long winter nap. I want a craft room a place to do my craft.
I know most likely a yard sale isn't going to happen. I'm trying to figure where I could store my items in our basement. With finger cross and my lucky rabbit foot every so present.
Possible next year, 2016 I will have a yard sale.
Maybe if I find a place put the crap in basement. I might get a chance to set up a craft room in a small bedroom.
Confession time....I'm tired of using our dinning room table as a craft area...put up, take down what every your working on. I'm sick of it.

Today SPAIRFITERA had there monthly coffee and chat. We change it up a bit. In past we was having it at Chic N Chop.
We was put in the corner where no one could see us. Where naughty little people goes and to be isolated from rest of the world.
Having it at “Super One” in BONNERS FERRY Seem to have a lot more friendly energy
I could tell you all what we talk about a little this and little of that. Our bull section is first Saturday after the new moon. So our October coffee and chat will be Saturday October 17th since Wednesday before is the new moon.

                                                             Coffee is on


  1. Many activities from you. And yes, Summer is fading fast. Soon it will be a distant memory.

  2. You altar looks beautiful! Blessed Mabon to you!!!


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