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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Should I Even Say Any Thing

         Still trying to figure out who my great great grand father “John Shirley” dad is. Not sure when he came over to the United States, from Ireland. I'm guessing he might have been part of POTATO FAMINE  of Ireland.

           As for weight lost this week. Down a ¼ a pound. I was only one that lost this week in my weight lost group of T.O.P.S.
My down fall was the mess up zucchini chips I made, way to much oil. Anyhow they got toss out. Talking with other who dehydrated some zucchini, they just sliced it , season it and dried it.
Murphy dried some bell peppers.
Eating went well also.  

I sign up for anther facebook group. Actual I should go though some of them which I haven't use for a while.

All of my items I picked up at our local thrift stores. The glasses I got tangled in a necklace and I'm betting that my client Regis can figure how to take it a part.

I didn't want to spend a bunch on fabric to see if I like LOCKER HOOKING Not sure if I have enough fabric on not. Honestly I got my doubt but I will keep my eyes on good deals usual at thrift stores.

                                                                               Coffee is on   


  1. down 1/4 pound. those are pretty exact weights you report. do you weigh yourself at the exact same time of the day? i always weigh myself as soon as i get up and before i eat anything.

  2. I haven't looked at my facebook site for months.

  3. B & B....Anther lady and I weigh in people....Lot of our members think it hard because there fractions....I often wonder when people find the time for all the social media out there.

  4. Anonymous12:12 PM

    1/4 lost is better than 1/4 gained. I weigh myself every other day and always in the morning after my shower. Moving to the city took away my daily hikes in the mountains and I noticed it takes A LOT more city walking to make up for mountain hikes! Do you use ancestry.com?

  5. MMM...Yes I do use ancestry and I'm having them do my DNA


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