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Friday, September 11, 2015

My Rant Just Clears The Air

     My last post and that was yesterday was on how the one percent is EXPLOITING WORKERS. I guess people are just lock into there little game. Confession time...I also let them exploit me for all sort of basic reason.

     A few of our trees are starting to change a bit. But still fairly nice weather. Could use some rain still.
The Forrest service drop the fire rating to Very High from Extreme. Not sure if you can cut fire wood or not.
We still got quite a bit of fire wood and Murphy back is giving him quite a bit of trouble. It makes him sad that he might not be gathering fire wood this year.

West of us they been logging. Haven't drove out and check it out. Not sure if government land either state of federal. Might even be private.
From my place it looks like a clear cut. Since I can see large slabs of boulders, not to worried about land slides.
No one really knows until they drive up and take a look.

      Dehydrating some zucchini and it sure have a high containment of WATER. I didn't know what to season them with. So I tried half with plain table salt and the other half with my friend Alice Zesty blend, also with salt.
Not sure when it will be ready. Had sample and I was surprise how sweet it actual is.

        As for eating no "JUNK FOOD" for me today. Breakfast was pretty simple raisin bran, favor cereal and a slice banana.
Mid morning snack some tapioca pudding. Yes, I can recall my mother telling me it was "fish eggs".
Lunch I kept to four items. left over ribs from yesterday, artichokes, radish, and toast with butter.
Dinner was one burrito usual I have quite a few veggies but not this time around.

       Did a little bit of genealogy on my Great Grandfather "Charles Shirley" brother who is the next child older then he. His name is "Lindford" I was hoping to find a photo of him, no luck so far.
Haven't heard that name before. He was born in Pennsylvania and died there. His wife name is Marrian and she was called "Mammie". They had a girl and boy.
Not sure where the name "Lindford" comes from. But there is a village of LINDFORD ENGLAND

                                                          Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Kudos to you for keeping up with your healthy eating Dora, and I think that's interesting that you have a relative with the same name as a town.. There's a connection there somewhere. My mom started doing her genealogy back in the 50's and now I have all of her research.. Her family started this country and that makes me proud.. She also has a rich, royal ancestry over in England. The family joke is, my mom's family came over on the Mayflower and my dad's family was swimming behind it, all the way from Italy! :)

  2. i think the best way to fight back is to quit buying all the useless stuff the 1% people sell us.


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