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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pee Pads

     Older I get I seem to have trouble holding my bladder, it from many issues. Age, over weight, and having children to quickly.
The other day I was in the DOLLAR TREE with liz. One thing I got was bladder pads. 10 for a dollar. That old saying "you get what you pay for" I knew they wasn't of high quality but I thought maybe a little better.
Today I took Carrie down to Courd Alene to see a doctor and the pad didn't hold any urine. So I pee my pants. How embarrasses I was.

     Carrie appointment went well. She was looking forward of having hip replacement and the doctor said she had some type of hip bursitis.
Gave her some physical therapy, continue on with the steroid shots, loose some weight, and told her to walk. and get off the pain pills.
Opinion time.... Pain pills and steroid have there place. But I don't think they should be use long term.
I have to respect this doctor who wasn't trying to get her in surgery that wasn't necessary. And bill Medicare and Medicaid.

      Well we stop at Winco and got a few items. I was planning on five but got a craft magazine. Winco got some great deal and they treat there employees fair.
Breakfast was an omelet with hand held hash brown. Lunch was fairly late after doctor and winco. I had a bacon cheese burger for the cheap menu, and a small onion ring. And got a small pumpkin spice milk shake. I took most of it and spill it on pick up seat. That one way of cutting down calories.
Dinner was at home bake potato with butter, beets out of the garden, and steak.

                                 Coffee is on    


  1. Oh I have a very embarrassing story with a gynecologist involving really torn underwear. Still to this day it makes me blush! You know we may not forget those moments but they definitely do not remember them!
    Thank you for stopping by!!! Lots of Mabon love!!!

  2. I had a hip replacement when I was 39 and I'm due another in the next couple of years. So glad we have a National Health Service, there's no way we could have afforded a major op if we'd had to pay for it. x


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