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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It Been While Since I Stop By.

     I haven't had a chance or haven't found the time to visit any other bloggers. But I can't say I have every complete anything recently.
I ask Murphy if next week we could find a spot in our basement to neatly and tightly put our yard sale items. Since it doesn't look like we going to have one this year.
And I could add more to it.

    Had the day off today so I help put together a ledger board below the two new window we put in.
Tomorrow I'm taking Carrie to PostFalls to see a doctor about having a hip replacement.

      Once I ask a Mormon why they keep Journal and the two most popular answer among them was to RECORD HISTORY and one why of dealing with EMOTIONAL HEALTH 
I never keep or RECORDING  of any type and was always afraid someone would find it, mostly my dad.

    The Pope "Francis" came the United States. Opinion time...He rocks. He speaks about a lot issue. About treating human right.
But the biggest issue with the Catholic and steps they need to do is...either let Priest marry or let woman be come priest.
They could understand the people in Parish if they had experience dealing with a family on daily bases.

                                    Coffee is on     

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  1. I'm sure you are excited about becoming a grandma. You'll be able to crochet lots of lovely things for the baby. There are plenty of patterns for things that look very complicated and lacy but are easy to do.


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