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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do They Even Know Better

        My last post I talk about possible getting more hours. Because is something happen to Murphy my house income would be about $960 a month. I could handle the basic bill. But with life turn and a little opps on the way. I would like to bring my income up by $240 and still wouldn't have to put in a forty hour work week.
I guess I'm lazy.

      Today I took Liz to see her shrink and he gave her basically "downers" don't recall which one. Well we got back to Bonners Ferry.
So I took both,  her son Paul to her ex brother in law Regis. Liz stop in at pharmacy to pick up her prescription.
As soon as she got to her brother in law they start to smash them up and begin to snort it.
Not long ago Regis had his in home care review. My friend Lawalla was there that day. Right in front of the nurse, Regis smash up his Morphine and snorts it.

So I went over to Safeway and did a little bit of help. Some all three of them was at Safeway purchasing items.
A little later I saw Liz and Regis walking back to Safeway. I ask them if they need a ride. I took them over to the store.
There was some issue with there broccoli and Liz held up Regis and said walk was to much stress on him and if they could get a $20 gift card for his pain and suffering. They gave him $10 one instead.

If I haven't gave them a ride. Walking twice to Safeway would have really done him in.

                               Coffee is on   

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