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Saturday, August 15, 2015

So Red

 I should of walk out and took a earlier photo of the sun rise. But I decided to get dress and miss the glowing red sun coming up over the Purcell range.
The skies been quite smokey. There been a fire North of us, up on PARKER RIDGE although can't see anything from our place.

As for my eating I did ok. Breakfast was some type of scrambled egg dish with chrizo and cheese I believe, and toast.
Lunch wasn't much toast with almond butter. Dinner was a lot more 2 skinny chops, small bake potato with cottage cheese, and zucchini. We did the meat and zucchini on the barbecue.
I feel stratify and don't feel the need to eat late in the evening.

     My friend Alice got me started on oval shape crochet rag rug. Not sure what size the rug will end up being. If memory serves me fair I believe I got 8 yards of cotton material.
Sure isn't cheap.
I'm looking about trying this COMPANY for some yarn and I can purchase my locker hooking supplies here.

It hasn't been up in the 90's (32) So Murphy and I put up 10 pints of tomatoes. I thought we would of gotten 8 but being 2 off isn't bad.

I order an DNA kit from Ancestry dot com.

                                                     Coffee is on



  1. I have to do something with my tomatoes - I dehydrated a bunch; maybe it's time to can some salsa (we have a lot of peppers too) - thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wuz only 68 degrees this morning, wut a nice blessing dat wuz. Texans hate the summer heat but they sure do love Texas, many have never lived anywhere else. Hell, many of them hasn't even been anywhere else.


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