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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Let My Self Go.

Picture a little blurry. I'm in my late teen or early 20s. One can see I'm a lot lighter in weight. Actual my weight I would like to get down to is around 140 pounds or get back in to a size 14 or so. Sorry to say I need and want to drop 70 pounds.
Confession time....I look at other people weight and think “gee a lease I don't have to drop a 100 pounds it could be lot worst” The fact is I'm over weight it doesn't matter the amount.

I been walking. Yesterday I went into Sandpoint to pick up RX for Carrie and took a few minutes and walk down Cedar street a short distant

 Today my waist measurement is about 40 inches. For ages I wore button front Levi jeans, 28 inch waist. I don't know if it possible to get down there again or not. 34 inch waist would be big improve ment.
I been more upper body then lower body. I don't have those long model legs. In height I'm about 5'6 and when I have to get jeans I usual now have to get a size 18 to 22...short or pet-tit depend on cut. It hard for me to find jeans. I have trouble getting them high enough up. That my plumber smile isn't showing.
So I usual get jeans that have elastic around the waist and there short enough in the length.

I know it impossible to loose to loose 70 pounds by the end of year. Before the end of the year it would be feasible to be under 200 pounds and working toward 190.

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  1. I've also been working on it. Ever since I found out I was actually crippled I've been conscientious about it. I do my physical therapy exercises each morning. This morning I even road my bicycle around five or six blocks. That's up from the two I managed a few days ago. I've only lost a couple of pounds so far, but I'm thrilled.

  2. Gah. Rode, not road.

  3. Frustrated that the pounds just pile on after I hit 40 :(

  4. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Ack, the age-old problem... I am running three times per week and eat healthy, just too much! Well, at least I'll be first at the buffet, the running has to pay off somehow. ^^

  5. Lost three and half pound this week. Still not below 210 but almost.

  6. I usually do walking 3 times a day and planning to get back at the gym twice a week.

  7. Best of luck with your effort. They sas, as long as you feel comfortable with yourself, you are okay. If you don't, try with all your might.

  8. You often mention calories, you know, those are just guide lines, I do just fine on a 1000 calories a day, or less.

    Drink a big glass of water before a meal, and eat a bunch of fruit or salad instead of meat, fruit and salad has more fiber in them and makes you feel full.

  9. I am lucky ! I never had weight problems and can eat like a horse, lol !


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