Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Look Out The Window.

Winter is here. But if you look out the window in North Idaho. Actual it looks like January thaw. It melting raindrops are falling from the clouds above. Drive way has a sheet of ice on it.

Christmas is a go. Present all wrap stuck on the tree. But tomorrow evening Murphy and I will be going to his sister house. Most of the Present will go there then.
I talk to my sister in law Faith. To make sure that some long lost person mostly a youngster doesn't pop out of the wood work. That I'm not ware of.
But it sure sound like a fairly smaller gathering the usual. I figure 14 and 5 of them will be under 18.
Neither one of my son will be up for Christmas.
Bart and his girl friend will be celebrating Christmas at her folks place. But they came and had Thanksgiving up here.
Then for my son Sawyer and wife Betty is celebrating Christmas with her parents. Her sister who lives in Boise I believe came up today and going back on Friday the 27th.
Thanksgiving Betty had to go to work that evening.
Yesterday Sawyer and one of his friend came up an drop off packages Let see one is to me, one to Murphy and one between us. Confession time...Murphy gift is place in one of those gift bags and I peek in it...He got a box of shells for one of our rifles.
I send our gifts down there.

I'm evening thinking about next year. I'm sort of day dreaming planning what I would get for grand-kids. I gather have my children want to be parents.
Opinion time...One real can't be a parent and grand parent at the same time. There is a difference.

Actual I'm even thinking of 2014 Christmas. One thing I'm considering is getting the girls Jewelry kits. My friend LaWalla bought some and she showed me them. I thought they would be nice gifts and it seem like Quincy daughters like doing them.
I try to pick up my Christmas cards between the 26th and the new years. Lot of my cards come from thrift stores.

Happy Yule and Egg Nog is on.


  1. Merry Christmas Dora!

  2. It will just be another day for me, and Helen, the old lady next door, both of us thinks it is nonsense.

    Hope you enjoy a peaceful day. Bill

  3. I have my son with family here for Christmas ! Lot of excitement of the 3 year old grandson !


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