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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Vehicle-Zip)

Both of our cats like to lay on the vehicle. Rosie is sitting on the engine hood because it's warm.

This is local fast food place in Bonners Ferry, Zips. Haven't had any of there fish and chips lately; but in past they were really good.

Next weekend photo hunt will be figurines and or stir

Coffee in on


  1. Do your cats know about the fish and chips place? :P

  2. Made me smile - our cat sits on exactly the same place on our car bonnet too!

  3. My cats also love to sleep on cars especially when they are still warm, lol.

  4. Oh kitties....they are crazy creatures. I think this idea of inspired photos!

  5. Calling by from Saturday's Photo Hunting Meme, cats have an inbuilt instinct to find warm places to sleep don't they. :)

  6. The neighbors' cat likes my car too :)


  7. Rosie is cute. Great photos! I kinda like the other Photo Hunt better. The theme Figurine seems so much easier than Stir for next week.

  8. I bet y'all could zip through the drive through...
    Happy Hunting!

  9. What a beautiful cat! They always seem to enjoy the warmth and basking in the sun.

  10. Hi peppy. Mom said you were bloggy friends before, but lost touch.

  11. The cats here like to get on the hood also.

  12. The photo of your cat made me smile. Cats sure love warm spots, don't they? :)


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