Never Know What One Should Post About

Before I took Qunella to pick up her Chinese Clippers. I thought I would post my blog. But I couildn't come up with anything. Confession time...I had blogger brain fart

I even had a chance to do a little bit in yard. Pulled out all of my whirly stars and put in garden stuff in the shed/barn. Did a little bit of weeding in the “royal sunshine” flowerbed. Murphy did the heavier type of work today. He dug out a tree from the front yard and move it to the back yard. We're trying to block the view of Bonneville power post but not block view of the mountains.

When I was in town Murphy did load of whites. When I got back home I end up folding and putting them away. Also I did a load of colors.
Did up the dishes last night and this afternoon I got the dishes put away.

This afternoon I even poured up some ceramic molds. I'm trying to empty out some slip I've made up. Today I poured a plain mug. This mug is comfortable to hold and it can be done up in so many ways. Then I found a figurine of set of Pilgrim with a turkey. Last thing was little squirrel. My main goal is to cast up what slip I have left in the pail. Statement...I'm not set up to do casting during the colder months.
As for ceramics. I got couple of beads clean and place in smaller kiln. One thing I need to make the holes in beads more uniform in size.
Painted on some bisque. Fired Greenware.

If any of you don't know what Chinese Clippers are. Dentures! We had a nice drive out though the game reserve. It been six months since my friend Quenella had any teeth. As soon as she got her new teeth her face just lit up an glowed. Opinion time..With her new set of denture it made her face look more balance.

I don't hav e a reader device. But over at Samhain Siren they'll be giving 2 copies of a book by Sally Dubats
The book that is being give a way “Veil Between the Worlds” There a few more ways of increase your odds to win this book. Just click on link to Samhain Sirens.

Coffee is on


  1. I didn't know that is what they call dentures.

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    this is new information to me. thanks for sharing. happy UBC

  3. I keep thinking I should get some dentures but then I get to thinking that there is some woman out there that would like her nipples gummed.


  4. Hi Dora, looks like you found something to write after all. I tried my hands at pottery on the potter's wheel this summer and loved it to pieces. Beads would be so much fun to make. One of these days I'll have to invest in a kiln, :) Visiting you again from UBC and hoping you're having a lovey week. :)

  5. a pilgrim with a turkey!

    if that isn't nice, what is?


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