Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekeend Photo Hunt (Scrumptious and where do you sit watching Television)

Sometime simple dishes are more scrumptious then fancy ones. I like to cut up an avocado and tomatoes and add a little ranch dressing. But if I feel a little daring I might add a few other items to it.
Instead of ranch dressing I may use blue or feta cheese dressing.

I'm not much of TV watcher but if I watch TV, I set here. Murphy is more of TV watcher then me. Lot of the time I will read or embroidery. Daisy usual set at the other end of the couch.

Next weekend photo hunt will be   in a park and or Withers

In my last post
Bill ask me “Why are you still filing taxes? “ In the easy way of answering I need some type of proof that we file taxes so I can get my profit share from the company.
This home care company don't take out any type of tax federal or state. Plus I pay in on my own social security.
Anther reason I file because my Aunt Eve told both Murphy and I, when she hire him to work out in the tree farm it was going to be under the table  Turn around and send us a 1099.
I'm total pissed at her for lying to us.
I'm going to leave it alone until I know more or feel like posting on it.

Now for the rest of an up date.
I been reading From-Ghetto to-Death-Camp ...a memoir of privilege and luck. By Anatol Chari & Timothy Braatz.
I'm not a big fan of most holocaust story. It not right for any group of people to be exterminated for what every reason.
But every story I've read about the Jewish people during WWII all of them are just filth rich, which I just don't buy. Haven't read a story about a poor Jew.
A least this book offers wide variance of wealth and smarts.

Now back to Murphette for a few lines. She in her new place. Which is one of her ex Clovis. He told her she can stay there until the place sold.
The only thing she needs to do is pay up the back property taxes and keep them current. Also be responsible for her own personal keep on the place.
I do hope things improve for her. But in general I think life will be a struggle for her. She doesn't see or hear her self.
"Insanity is doing the same-thing over and over and hoping for a different result" 

Got some seed started and lot of items are up. We bought a plant heating pad and been please with it. Only thing haven't camp up at all is my Jimmy Nardello Peppers, mixture of hot peppers, and artichokes.
I sort out anther section on the barn/shed shelves and need to have Murphy go though the items Which I believe need to be taken out of here. He got veto power same as I do.
So I can put the stuff I want to keep back.
One thing I need to go though my ceramic supplies box also. There stuff music boxes, lamp parts, paint brushes, crush glass and etc.

Coffee is on


  1. I love avocado... especially in sushi concoctions! :)

  2. Looks like a very comfortable chair !

  3. That chair is comfortable enough to watch TV for hours. :)

    It's tax filing time for us in Singapore too.

  4. Scrumptious avocado, I simply love it! Comfy chair, too.

    Enjoy your weekend


  5. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Love those fresh veggies (although I think tomatoes are considered a fruit, but whatever).

    Couldn't help but comment on your taxes comment - I have no problem paying taxes because I enjoy roads, police, schools, airports, disaster relief and the things that taxes pay for. It does annoy me that those far wealthier than I don't pay them and that big businesses with pots of money don't pay them. LOL

  6. I love avocado. Looks like a comfy chair.

  7. The salad looks delicious! And the seat comfortable!

  8. I've started watching a fair amount of TV. Disc's I get from the library, Rick's dad kicked the bucket and he gave me his leather recliner, I sit in it.


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