Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why Say Anything It Just Won't Do Any Good

I thought I would give you an update on the going on around here, before now. The dandelions are out so it means that soon we will be gathering Morel Mushroom.
Murphy went and got him a hair cut and looked a bit for them.

My first cousin Amira by marriage is in a coma. She has brain cancer and battle with different cancer for quite a few years.
It makes me wonder how they handle chemicals could possible be a part of the cause why she has cancer.
They live next door and move up to Fairbanks Alaska. They had a hot tub in there home and when you walk in the smell form the hot tub hit you like a lead balloon.
Plus they kept other chemical around in there home.
We store our chemical out in the shed/barn not in the house.
Hopeful she doesn't last long it will be better for friends and family if she just pass over.

Murphette is getting hit along with some other I know. Not sure who and how many will be sequester. My friend LaWalla lost her housing voucher.
Not to worried about LaWalla if so she can toss up a tent and live out the woods.
In my last post I told that Murphette will be getting $16.00  a month in stamps.
 She keep asking her self how they expect her to live on $760 a month.
I know it not much but I know people who get less.
I made a few small suggestion to make her money go father. I bet I'm just barking in the wind.
In there new home there planing to but in Wi fi and usual it runs under $40 for unlimited in city limits of Bonners Ferry . Plus satellite television which I'm clueless on the amount is charge for that.
It not just her I see so many of these people on low income and it doesn't matter where the money comes from...they all have satellite and shit like that. Then bitch how they expect us to live on the money they give us.
I like to keep our bills down to bare bones. Minus food, insurance, taxes, and oh crap is under $200 a month.
Her moving is coming right along. Confession time..In someways I feel sorry for these people then on the other hand I don't.

I'm heading into Sandpoint to pick up my bonus. Hopeful they will hand the entire check over but in pass they held it to prove that we filed our taxes.
We're far from being a millionaire and our taxes our done like one. For 2012 adjusted income was $6,421.
From the state of Idaho we get back $198.00 and $2.00 from the federal. It cost us $200 to have account do the taxes.
A lease I'm not in the boat as my friend Alice she need to pay in $600.
Now back to the bonus look on my Schedule K-1, 1065 I'll be getting $651.
The bonus is going on our property taxes.

Coffee is on


  1. People have to live on based on what they make, if they don't like it they can go back to work, as if they ever worked much in the first place, to damn many people on this rock that thinks others should help them have a good life. No, we owe you nothing.

    I've been dealing with some end of life shit, it's a pain in the ass.

    Normal cells are mortal, cancer cells are immortal, found it interesting to learn that.

    Why are you still filing taxes? You should be under the radar of that crap with your income, I haven't filed for about eight years.

    Hand over some morel mushrooms and no one gets hurt.

  2. Bill ask me “Why are you still filing taxes? “ In the easy way of answering I need some type of proof that we file taxes so I can get my profit share from the company.
    This home care company don't take out any type of tax federal or state. Plus I pay in on my own social security.
    Anther reason I file because my Aunt Eve told both Murphy and I when she hire him to work out in the tree farm it was going to be (paid under the table). Turn around and send us a 1099.
    I'm total pissed at her for lying to us.


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