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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Hunt (Road)

This week theme for the hunt actual remind me of Willie Nelson song on the On The Road Again Simple it feel like I'm on a different road now.
I don't know if any of you recall when I started to do person care for Donna it would be part time so I would be re building my ceramic shop. But I couldn't!
So I'm on the road again doing ceramic.
I recently fired my kiln but I need to order a part for my small to mid size kiln actual a control dial.
I clean out the poor table of flies.
Plus been slowly starting to a few piece.
I haven't yet been going full force yet down the road doing ceramics. One may say “one needs to drive slow on bumpy road but I know this road leads out to the highway”

I know there no way I could be ready for a spring or summer show. I could be some what ready for a fall or winter show. But I could add inventory to someone else both for a Halloween, Thanksgiving and or Christmas show.
I believe the general rule of thumb is to give them 10% of what you sale. I don't believe I could even make 50% of inventory for anyone.
So I need to figure out or ask what is fair to help on the booth fees.
The main reason I need help getting the pour table ready and I don't expect Murphy to help me. It spring dig at the tree nursery and it would take two people to make up this tank of ceramic slip. I had slip in and it dried up.
So for now what I'll do is hand pour and use the pour table for a drain.

I know this road of ceramic I wouldn't be making the money right off doing personal care. I took a $750 month cut in our income. If one interested in what happen on walking off the job click here 
but I was on the corner of “Burn Out Road” and “Insanity Avenue”
Statement time...I won't be posting a link to walking off the job for quite a long time. Why stay on this road.

Oh don't worry my other client Murphette if I was on her road for more then 8 hours a week of “obedient” and “submissive” I would quickly find my self sitting on “Burn Out Road”

So those who want some day be part of photo hunt please visit our hostess TN CHICK I fine the challenge fun.


  1. My family always said you either had to go slow over a bumpy road, or way too fast.

  2. I kinda like the bumpy road my life has taken..if not for the bumpy I wouldn't appreciate the smooth.

  3. things happen for a reason, you may not know it at the time, but it will all make sense eventually....

    Gill in Canada


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