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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Go Away Pollen

With the cruel pollen floating around lately
I’ve been pretty well wiped out so I haven’t did any blogging.
Just went to work and that’s about it.
Today I have some relief but still my head feel like 25 pounds instead of 50 pounds

I did get the pillowcases done.
Which I’m planning to use for part of Christmas exchange with my in-laws.
Still I’m planning to have a calendar made. From the weather photo I take each month.
One can see how the weather changes month to month.
Now for cost of the pillowcases.
I found the pillowcase still in it original wrapper under our steps. I’m pretty sure they were my moms.
She wouldn’t mine me using them. She would think I was being thrifty and wise.
I real did fine a pattern around the place I felt comfortable using. Sense it been a while I’ve done any embroidery.
I want a simpler pattern and found one for under $2.00
I didn’t need to buy any embroidery floss.
I real didn’t carry for the color of green I had to do some lazy daisy stitches.
So I went and bought anther shade of green.
Which was right around .50¢
So it cost me well under $5.00 for pillowcases.
Not sure what wall mart charges for calendars but I believe it right around $20.00

I can’t say I real haven’t done much on the ceramic train or hen lately, I know it shouldn’t take long to finish up.
But the pollen just wipe me out. I have no energy left

I only made it to one sale yesterday called “fathers of all yard sale” Held at our local fairgrounds in Bonners Ferry.
I have to say the one in 08 was a lot better. It was just plain fantastic. This year it was completely different story.
I wasn’t to impress in general what they had.
Statement time…My brain don’t real work all that well when the pollen is heavy in the air
So that’s the only yard sale I did.
I did find one item for a $1.00 still in it original box called “grater/slice prep chef” The side of the box it says it’s a separator, slicer, course grater, and fine shedder. With a clear container.
This will be part of my winter box

Yesterday I had to go into Sandpoint which I didn’t want. But I had to go any do a training called “matrix” a pain if you want to know.
I did some shopping for my Donna.
Had a chance to look around at a few yard sale and thrift stores. I went into two different thrift stores and didn’t buy a thing.
I already spend my money I had on protecting sleeves for paper.
I bought some dahlias for my patriotic flowerbeds.


  1. Your pillowcases are gorgeous!! I do love the simplicity of your design.

    I hope that pollen does go away. It's not fun!!
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well. What pollen are you allergic to?
    Hope it goes away and you can have a Happy Mothers Day.

  3. My hubby says we are heavy with pine.
    But what I found out on the internet it birch, ash, and sycamore trees.
    Well we real don't have many sycamore around here.

    Coffee is on still.

  4. Happy Mother's Day Peppy :)

  5. Happy Mother's Day, peppylady! :)

  6. I love those pillowcases! I wish I knew how to do that kind of stuff.


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