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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cottage Cheese and the Rest Was Just Dump.

I made this sort of made up salad and my hubby Murphy real liked it.
I’m a dump cook…I don’t measure things.
Part of cucumber diced.
One scallion minced.
A few slice radishes.
2 avocadoes diced.
8 cherry tomatoes cut in half.
Less Then a 1/3-cup of chopped cilantro but more then a 1 Tablespoon.
If you don’t like cilantro. I would try Italian parsley.
Some cottage cheese and mix everything together.
I add a little hot sauce to mine.

I been working on getting Bart graduation stuff done from high school. It been an expensive month with prom.
I did my own photographing and having wal-mart do the prints. And I’ll be doing the announcement off the computer. I figure to sent out his graduation announcement will be about .80¢ each.
Let me tell you to have them cust done it cost plenty. One has to buy 25, 50, 75 or a hundred.
25 isn’t real enough and 50 is to many and I would be tossing them.

Recently I have been thinking about Bart Cousin Nate who committed suicide a few years back.
He would have been graduating this year.
Let me tell you having someone in family committee suicide sure isn’t an easy thing to deal with.
Some days are easier then others,
I know he only nephew but the pain is still there.

It been on the damp side but I went out in the veggie garden. Planted about 3 feet worth of glads.


  1. Congratulations to your son. That is wonderful you are making them.

  2. good work on graduation notices, I think a lot of people would rather make their own, cost too much otherwise.
    its hard to loose a youngster from the family, and sad thats the way he chose to go.

  3. I love glads. I don't seem to be able to grow them here. Hope you post some pics of yours.

    Congrats to your son!


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