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Friday, April 17, 2009

It Real Change Once in the Guest Room

I found my wallet and I haven’t seen it for a week. Announcement time…I found it
Last Friday after I came home I don’t believe I worked last Friday. I put my wallet on the dinning room table and then with out my brain in gear I moved my wallet.
Not knowing where I put it.
I looked in usual place that I might of stuck it.
I decided to clean and organize the house so I possible could fine my wallet.
Behold I went into the guess room to put together Sawyer and Bart Easter stuff and I looked up over on by book shelf and there was my wallet.

You know when you know better but you still let your self do it. I have had trouble with anxiety. Well their time I will stress out my self and one the main problems I start to have in anxiety.
I will start to do things like walk around like in a dream state not total a ware. Like I’ll go down stair to get something and when I get down stair wonder why I’m down there.
Recently there been a chance with my client/friend Donna in a good way. She trying to change her life style which I know it is hard to do.
Each person who has home care the Medicaid assign each client so many hours by some point systems.
The best way to explain this system…”Not one size fits all”
Sure I’m not counselor but I thin it important to be part of listening and conversing with the client.
The state real doesn’t feel this is real important. I guess they want us to have a cold relationship with our client.
I understand that I’m being paid by tax dollars and I complete understand the reason for limited hours.
But I feel she could use 2 to 4 hours a week.
With the budget cuts I’m hoping it will stay the same

Once in blue moon I get chance to work on my craft project this week.
I can see a finishing point to my pillowcases. I been doing lazy daisy stitches, which I had to get a needlepoint book and look how to do them.
All though it going, on the slow side.

The hen is coming and at this point I’m not sure if I’m going to like it or not. Maybe once it finished I’ll have a clear picture of it.
Or a least I can have an honest look at it.
The train is coming a long. I want to put some green in it. First I tried a cactus green that to me was to blue.
If you look around the headlight there some cactus green around the head light.
Around the chimney is leaf green. I think the leaf green with work in much better

Nothing in bloom at this time but more and more are budding out. More new stuff is coming up.
We got a garden plot dug up. We are looking for a tractor with rot tiller to hire.


  1. Ha! Spring is bringing in good energy. I'm glad you found your wallet. I love your embroidery. Looks pretty! Hope things work out at work.

  2. Caring for an individual is not just the physical but also the emotional...using a holistic approach. But unfortunately you can't put dollar value to it so it doesn't come into play in government programs.....I guess there is where the government counts of volunteers stepping up to the plate to provide such service. Can you imagine the millions....I bet billions of dollars spent in volunteer time. I mean I visit a lady in my community take her to appointments and out for coffee...could you imagine what that would cost the government for that service alone .....

    Yes caring for an individual should be a holistic approach...but it's like prevention if you can't see it..how can you budget for it...

    I love your craft work...my girls great grandmother used to do stitch work on pillowcases...I still have a couple of sets that I treasure.

    Happy weekend to you..


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