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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Hunt (Purple)

I don’t know why I don’t do Photo Hunt on a regular bases.
This week theme is Purple and next week theme is “Protect(ion)”

Purple is a color I real find enjoyable. I have one of my flowerbed known as the “Royal Sunshine flowerbed” which has purple and yellow flowers in it.
At this time there only one flower blooming a purple something. The lady Faith who I drive around gave me this plant.
The few crocus I have are all done now

Our Television thing that one changes the channel broke and fell though. So now we have to reach in an change it with this tool.
I recall using pliers hooking them on the dial thing I turning channels a few times.

One day out Blue I got a notice for me to go down to the post office and there was something register at local post office in Naples for me. So being beat from work I sent my son Bart to sign and pick it up.
Then he brought this small package home from the Philippines. So I open and it is Fresh Water Pearls bracelet which Pia sent me. “Thank you for the lovely gift and it will use with love”


  1. Lucky you! A pearl bracelet!! Wow!

  2. Love the bracelet!

    Hope you have a great weekend
    Love, Jess

  3. i'm so happy you like it, peppy. forgive me, i'm used to referring to you as peppy. =D

  4. You should join PhotoHunt more often. :)

    I love that fresh water pearl necklace! I love pearls.


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