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Monday, March 30, 2009

It Not To Many Sign Of Spring But it There

Murphy has been flipping over the soil where the veggie garden will be. We’re putting in a 40 X 40 spot.
We both would like to hire a tractor with a rotiller but knowing the economy I don’t know if this is feasible or not. The only thing I know at this time that cold hardy tree nursery sold 4 loads of trees, which isn’t all that much.
But we both heard all types of stories what is going on with his line of work.
But he not limited to harvest

So far it been a cold spring but it hard to notice sign of spring. One has to look or listen for them.
Today I took Rex for a short walk down by the ballpark. I notice that lot of trees are budding out and got new growth.
We headed back behind were the ponds are and I notice some type of golden willow sure has some big fuzzy buds on them.
The birds were making joyful song as we took our walk.

I have this stuff up nose and last night I took a ¼ of codeine tablet and all day I felt like I was in the fog


  1. Spring is sprung with ups and downs in the march weather. We has some snow Saturday night and now 70 degrees today. This is a teasing spring. How are your seed stars going?

  2. sounds like spring is definately there, even if it is still cold
    hope you feel better!

  3. Hey sweet lady, thanks for stopping by and saying hi. This empty nest stuff is a killer...trying hard to stay busy. Missed my early call to garden, probably can still plant peppers. But, alas the garden has all the dried up pickers from the Jan. rains. Green desert then brown in two months.

    Enjoyed your description of your walk. Hope you are feeling better!


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