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Saturday, February 07, 2009

I guess the Health Rider Isn't Going to Load

Today start as a day I wasn’t sure exactly what I want to do. The only thing I didn’t feel lazy or like tackling anything big.

So I start out doing my e-mails, and I was over at google news and decided to put in strange key words and see where it took me.
Read my horoscope for the day. I don’t even recall what it said.

This morning Bart said the assembly of god in Sandpoint was doing a pie auction and wondered if I could make one. The money is going for a group that going down to New Orleans to built home for Katrina victims.
Bart is going down there during his Spring break end of March and the first part of April.

So I made huckleberry pie but Bart had to do up the dishes before I started the pie

Murphy asked if I would make some homemade noodles for Turkey and noodle soup and I said ‘yes’ but I told him next time I wanted dumplings.

I stop by the thrift store the other day and bought a exercise machine and paid $15.00 for it.
I’ve used it put haven’t real got a good work out on it yet. Just enough to feel a little soreness in bi-cips of both arms


  1. I've never tasted huckleberries - that pie looks good.

  2. I was not my usual lazy self today. I was out cutting firewood in the morning, took photos this afternoon and just put a cake in the oven :)

    Pie sounds good. I don't have huckleberries but a cherry pie tomorrow sounds like a plan.

  3. That pie looks yummy - I've never tasted huckleberry either. It looks like it needs a cup of coffee to go with it. ;)

  4. I almost forgot - I have an award for you.


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