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Monday, January 23, 2006

Money Shouldn't Be a Factor When Coming to Pride

Things change slightly at work today. I usual I do Callie home but today I went over to her sister home Eris to clean her home out toward Meadow Creek.

I’ve always been curios how they lived. You see one time I went up to Eris husband Hank family to see how they live. I wish I had a picture of their living condition, the ole saying “ a picture is worth a million words One good word would be Squaller

Then on the other hand I’ve been to Callie and Eris mother Katie home and their nothing wrong with home.

As I understand Eris ex husband been playing head games with Eris. So she was afraid that her ex might call child predication service on her living condition. Rightly so they should of been called out. The way it looked I don’t think much house work was being done for quite a long time. But I don’t fault Eris or Hank for the way the place looked totally. General housekeeping and their person effects are their responsibility

As what gather by other people that Eris ex husband don’t have room to talk. I never met the man.

Eris and Hank rent this moblie home and the plumbing and the roof leaks. The landlord won’t fix it. The drains for the kitchen sink in hooked up. Katie and I used dish pans to do the dishes when draining the water I had to dump it down the toilet.
If I was renting and couldn’t get any results from my landlord I’d be calling Idaho Housing Agency. The landlord isn’t being responsible

I don’t understand why pride isn’t important to some people. I’ve lived without running water or electricity we’ve always kept my place up. Confession time my place is far from spotless and I have my off days But some how we mange to maintain a dissent place.

If I would use one word to describe what they are lacking is Motivation But their heart is in the right place and they mean well

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