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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Home Schooling Some are lacking an education

I know some people who home school their kids and they’re dumb as a stump!

I’ve read but haven’t personally seen that home school children or so advance compare to public school. I like to tell about a few local families who home school their kids

My friend Alice lived up on the Mountain without basically no income. Her husband worked enough to get a bag of pot.
He believes that the public school was anti christens. I believe in separation church and state. . He never gave her any support to educated the kids or even for the basic needs. As little they were home school had to do every thing perfect. Wouldn’t let them advance really much more then a 1st grade level because they didn’t make the perfect letters or numbers.. Gee wiz my letters aren’t perfect and I got plenty of faults
She Findlay got smart and came down off the mountain and put the four children in public school. Her oldest child was too old to go to school. Her next two had to struggle through high school. Her oldest who was home school now lives on disability Well if wasn’t for disability I think he would have to do something illegal to support himself
He works here and they’re under the table for extra cash. Things I notice what he does. Have no ideal about time management. Show up on a job when every, he pleases. My boys are in public school and know something about managing time. They know how to get them self motivated. He also were taken advantaged by others. And thinks putting your money in a slot machine will do wonders.
My friend Alice did the best to put her kids in public school

I know anther family who is anti goverment and also didn’t put their kids in school. And taught their kids the world is evil and the goverment is going to show up on your door step and the world coming to an end. . This is before Bush, who know with him in office . These boys now seem angry. Last time I saw their education skill I’d put 20 bucks on about any six graders would do better then any of them.
They also got a daughter who was home school and now her kids are in public school.

I know a lady who about seven years younger then I. Her parents didn’t believe in any type of goverment aid. When she was born at home her parents never got her a birth certiftic, social security number or had nothing to do with any type of goverment supported taxpayer program. They home school her and part of their curriculum was that white race was much morally justified. I notice now the things she has to do to survive in this world is. Sell drugs and she also plays both ends. She will sell drugs and give names to local law enforcement. This is a good way to end up dead playing both ends She also made cash being a prostitute. I know she picks up odd jobs here and there.
I’ve even picked huckleberries with her and she even bought from me. I have to say she had trouble doing the math, pretty basic math mostly addition.
Actual she pretty a nice person too bad she has to do what she does to survive

I even thought of calling CPS on the first two families for child abuse. Not educating your children is plain a simple child abuse.
People who decide to home school their kids. Somehow need to prove that they’re educating their children. By taking them to their local school dist having them tested or showing the dist on what they are doing. The people who choice to home school their kids and don’t educated their kids should have their kids taken from them and be thrown in jail
This is one of my gripes

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