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Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Gifts Around $8.50 each

My friend Quenelle and I went Christmas shopping in Sandpoint
We went to JC Penny. She got socks they’re and I got two large bath towels and also some jeans for Murphy.
Then we went over to a liquid dilation world. My friend got a deep red bed quilted bed spread for $30 dollars. I saw some cairo cabinets all less than $200 but this was a Christmas shopping only. I didn’t get anything out of a liquid diction world.
Our next stop was big box market (Wal mart) My friend Quenelle bought stuff for anther family for some reason can’t get tegether to take care of life. She got their son some hot wheel stuff and the daughters some finger nail polish.
Her husband never bought her a birthday present, Christmas present or any of the holidays. Murphy remembers my birthday and Christmas. Some time his choice of gifts is different. Let just say One of a kind but I love them all.
I got all my outside presents bought, except one for my nephew Ozzie. This year I spend an average of $8.50 a piece. I bought nine present for less than 13 years for the in law Christmas eve party. I got a cookie cooling racks for my client and I also got her daughter a sand art kit. Oh yea I got my Christmas cards.
I now need to get two teenagers present for my in law Christmas eve party and something for Ozzie between $5 and $10. In addition I need to do my boys present.
I did also get Murphy a hoodie out of the big box market.



weaving loom set

sand art

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007RV3WK/103-8352512-3955018?v=glance> junkyard jalopy

green towels

cordless can opener

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