Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Today Is Tuesday, February 27, 2024: This Is What Happened.


I post at different times. I have yet to set a time to post on my blog. Question time...Do you blog at the same time? For me, it is 9:40 in the morning.

It is also my check-in day for my well-being. This morning, I was balancing between anxiety and depression. I got my walk in this morning. There was a slight uphill grade, so I walked up it backward. I could feel it in my hips and such.

My weight stayed the same. 0.6 gain. My following report will be in March. I'm going to give a little more in my report.

Had more good days than bad. My two worst days were the 16th and 26th. The rest of the days, I kept within my bounds regarding my well-being. My daily average calorie intake for the month is 1993. My daily intake is 3 ounces or 87 grams of fat. My carbs intake could be better. 

This morning. Swept the floor and put our bedspread in the washer.

Went to the senior center for lunch. It was okay. Open pork sandwich. I liked salad beets, spinach, and apples.

I was going to meet Lolita and Qunella. For coffee and creativity Thursday. Lolita has something, and her immune system isn't top of the game. So after the group, I will be Qunella, and we have fish and chips.

Today, artists QINGYUANQING, and QUENTIN. Sometimes, I have trouble separating science and arts. These artists' art is about food, gardening, and farming. At this time, there is a field around us. In the future, some of these fields will have housing in them.

Blog finished at a little three in the afternoon.

Coffee is on


  1. I don’t blog at any particular time. When I have something to say I post. Otherwise I don’t. I do like to read blogs in the mornings while having my coffee. Glad you got out and about

  2. ...I have schedule and it helps me keep things straight. After cutting bread out of my meals, I've lost 11 lb.

  3. Hooray for more good days. I write our blog posts ahead of time and schedule them for the same time each day.

  4. it's always good when you have good days. I also write my blog posts before hand and get them to post at 1am the next day.

  5. I tend to write my blog posts on the weekend (although, if a story pops up and I have time during the week, I'll write it then). I then set them to post at 6 AM during the week. (I have this week through Friday scheduled. For next week I only have Tuesday's post ready to go.)

  6. I tend to write in the afternoons or if I can't sleep I may write in the very early hours after midnight, but usually then I just read. I schedule my posts to go live at 1am on Sundays and Fridays. Other days I don't post unless I have something extra to put up.

  7. A pork sandwich sounds pretty good to me.
    I normally set my posts to be published at 5.00am Eastern Australian time which I think is 11.00am your time.

  8. You keep more records than I do.

  9. Actually a pork sandwhick sounds good. I blog when I get up, no matter what time that is. Interesting links. Have a good day today.

  10. I blog 8 a.m. on Mondays. A creature of habit!

  11. I blog whenever it occurs to me, but I usually post ~7AM. I frequently have several posts in the queue awaiting their release.

  12. I generally blog in the morning, no particular time. I read blogs in the morning and after lunch, then I don't come back until the next day. I only lost about 2 lbs this month. I am at a plateau. Since the beginning of 2023 I have lost 50 lbs, so slowing down is not a surprise. I don't eliminate anything, simply stay away from processed food and mindful about what I'm eating. It's a long journey, isn't it.

  13. I blog ahead so I have 40 posts written and ready to go. Each post is slated to publish at 12am. I write my posts in the morning.

  14. That tree pic is fantastic.


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