Thursday, February 02, 2023

Today Is Thursday February 2 2023, This Is What Happen


This is one of those evenings I'm still determining what I want to blog about. But, like always went to work.

Took Regis to his mental health appointment. He has been having trouble managing his mental well-being. It must be rough for those with mental illness. I still plan to keep in touch with my clients once I retire. They're not bad people. But when I see them, it will be on my time. Not some medical or their time. 

We stopped at the library, and I got the DVDs to want to watch. A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIMEJULIA, and CHERRY ORCHARD

I am almost done reading THE COUNTRY DIARY OF AN EDWARDIAN LADY. I will be done reading it this evening or tomorrow. Then, my next book will be a graphic novel. MAUS I. In a short story. Look like it has 159 pages, and it is a hardcover. I got the paperback.

I'm waiting for THE ESSENTIAL WRITINGS OF SABINA SPIELREIN. From the INTERLIBRARY LOAN PROGRAM Just add Edith Holden's mother Emma's book, MESSAGE FROM THE UNSEEN. Actually, I use the Inter-Library quite often. If our library or the one in Sandpoint doesn't have it, I will try to get a book through the Inter-Library Loan.

I have the reading app OVERDRIVE - LIBBY DEVICE, and I'm not happy with it. I have an appointment on the 23rd with one librarian who helps people with their techie stuff.

Both of our local paper has published my letter to the editor. If 5 people contact their elected officials in my area, that would be one-tenth of the voting population.

If I get any reply, I will post about it.

Today artist is TALLE BARMAZI who is from TOGO

Coffee is on and stay safe.


  1. If you still go to see Liz and Regis after you retire, will they remember you are no longer their carer or will they expect you to do the things you always did for them? I hope they readjust easily. Although I suspect they won't.

  2. The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady was massively popular in the UK back in the 1970s, Marks and Spencer sold all kinds of merchandise relating to it, clocks, bedding, tea towels and dinner services. x

  3. You are a kind person, vowing to visit Regis and Liz when you retire. Well done you with the letters published.

  4. Hope you get a reply to your letter. Happy weekend, Valerie

  5. Congrats on having the letter published

  6. I really enjoyed Julia! Have a great weekend!

  7. How nice you will keep in touch with Regis

  8. I think you have a tough job. It would be hard emotionally working with people who have such issues.

  9. It's not easy for those with mental illness...

    Well done on getting your letter published.

    All the best Jan

  10. Sparse population

  11. It's nice you can get so many different books from other libraries. They truly are a treasure.


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