Saturday, July 02, 2022

Today Is Saturday July 2 2022, This Is What Happen.


Decided to start off with FORGIVENESS. As far as I'm concern forgiveness is one of tools to help us heal and move on. But for me it depends how the other person wrong me, afterward how I will react toward them. Usually I prefer to away from. Not to give them multi chance.

Mowed some of the yard this morning. Any length of time mowing the lawn, wears on Murphy back. Like I said in past. “Wondering if I actual going to make it to 2024, even if 2023 is part time” Not sound like I'm grumbling. But at our age it takes two of us to keep this place up. Shortly after the 18th I will have a more of plan to see what the facts are.

Got photo off my camera redone. From my trip down to Oregon. Bart is hiking in SELWAY, not sure how long his trip is.

Sawyer I believe is planning to come up this way in Mid-July. I would like to have a get together at HEYBURN STATE PARK

Sort of thinking I'm might be putting some on my plate. And project I like to get down isn't or can't get down. So I need to look at my time management differently. So little later on I will do a little up dating on my bullet journal.

Today Is our anniversary we been married for 33 years and live 5 years before that.

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and your husband are enjoying your special day!

  3. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  5. Things do seem to be harder and to take longer.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! My wife and I have also been together 33 years, 34 come September.

  7. Happy anniversary.

  8. Happy Anniversary. I completely understand your idea on forgiveness. Sometimes I cannot figure the person for what the did but rather forgive myself for being so vulnerable.

  9. Happy anniversary. I now break up jobs and do a small portion at a time
    It’s taken me a week to prune all my roses
    But at least it’s now done

  10. You've been together a long time. I know about hard to maintain things once older. I have the front and back yards to keep mowed and the cat yard, which has to be weed eated, but its not growing much now, even with almost no hot weather. The yard is unhealthy and probably needs some fertilizer and aeration. Hope you had a nice trip to Medford, that was our warmest weekend so far, that you went.

  11. Stopping by to say g'day. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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