Today Is Sunday August 1 2021, This Is What Happen.

Posted Sunday, August 01, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)


Got though the orange fabrics today. Don't have that many of orange. At this time or even near future I have no plans for orange. These were the first and last color I went though

Sundays I like to go and take three bloggers who leave comments and go a little more into depth. My first comments comes from YOGI and his comment he left was..."Nice Fabric you have to work with" Thank you. I get most of my fabrics from thrift stores. I haven't seen so called ugly fabric, although some are easier to come up with a project. My Second comment I want to use is from ANDREW and his comment was "The air condition unit is interesting. I haven't seen one like that before. Keep wearing a mask to protect your self...The little AC is only a personal one and don't do much for entire room. Haven't yet had chance to use it in sewing/computer room. Both Hubby and I got the modern vaccine and if we were harassed first time around. These people refuse to wear a mask and they're keeping the virus going. The one I worry about is the ones with true underlying condition and can't handle vaccine. Anyhow skip religious reason. I honestly believe 95% of population can handle the shot. Not saying that the shots can make some uncomfortable. The last comment comes from BRAIN Covid is real evil and so those who made it...Not sure how the virus was started. But it sure didn't have to come to this point. Until people can follow some basic guide lines such as masking up, washing hands, and getting their vaccine This virus isn't going any place.

I think it was yesterday and I stop in at LOST IN BOZONE and he recommend a blogger friend. BLOG FODDER 

It been a while since I pulled up blog posting from the PAST and I have no ideal how Donna is doing. She would be the main reason I wouldn't go and do personal care. Last time I heard she went though quite a few clients. There people who can't get personal caregiver. Because there abusive to those who take care of. Looks like none of these people blogs anymore who left comment.

Work day tomorrow, but I will be starting around noon. The reason I'm going in so late in day. Is because I have an overeaters anonymous in the evening. Hopeful can get start on Liz dish cabinet it first two things to be done is to get few items off of it. And than redo the corner brackets Which will help square up the cabinet. Regis want to see the optometrist and I will set up his appointment. 

519 days my count down to my real count down to retirement. After that I'm going to start cutting my hours. Started  to embroidery  anther quilt block.  

Coffee is on and stay safe


  1. The small print fabric has an orange background, but the other is yellow, only tiny bits of background are orange. I would put it with the yellow fabrics.

  1. Orange is one of my favorite colors, but it's an acquired taste, so I'm not surprised you don't have much orange fabric.

  1. Orange is always popular where we live. Those were good answers to those comments/questions

  1. The countdown is on!

  1. Some people get bored and don't know what to do with their free time after they retire. I don't see you as one of those at all!

  1. Great new blog design. Interesting comments. "Making" the virus is a strange idea. HIV, as far as I know, for example, came to humans when a man tried to kill a chimp, got hurt himself, and the two bloods mixed, so reckon the blood from a bat might´ve caused Covid. If someone really created the virus, that would be weird evil. More evil than 9/11...

  1. thats a long countdown! I have so many plans for my retirement but am afraid that I might be too decrepit and frail to do much of it by 66!

  1. 519 days my count down to my real count down to retirement! And you know that time will fly by! I can't believe it's August already! And what will you do with your time once you retire? Any ideas yet?

  1. Nice fabrics you have there. I don't have much orange in my wardrobe. Before I retire, I was worried on how to pass my time. Now that I have retired, I find that I don't have enough time. Most important we must have our own hobbies to keep us occupied. I have not done embroidery for a long, long time.

  1. Pretty fabric. What do you do with it all?

  1. I like the yellow fabric very much Dora, yellow is such a happy colour 💛 Hope your OA meeting went well.

  1. You don’t have much idle time, Dora. Always at a project or two.

  1. We feel lucky that so far 65% people have both shots and 83% one. We hope most people can get the shot so we can put this behind us.b

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