Today Is Monday August 2 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Monday, August 02, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)

 Usual I don't do a swing shift on my job. Plus I'm not fan of it. But Liz really isn't all that much in her place. So her support team is trying to slow get her use to her place. See she stays out other people place quite a bit more than she does at her own place. I been taking care of her cats and such. I would guess she doesn't even spend 5% at her place. I call the most expensive storage unit is her place. So since I have overeater anonymous this evening. The plan is that I will walk up the stair to her place together. And I will do my shift from 3 to 6 with her. And if she isn't comfortable staying she can go over to her sons place or her brother in law.

This morning woke up to wet ground. Check the rain gage and look we got .50 inch of rain. Plus fog came in and smoke is still hanging around.

The garden fence on backside is falling over. All the post needs to be replaced. But for now we're doing a temp fix. Murphy and neighborhood boy will be fixing it. Hopeful not a project I can be involved once I retire. Editor note...wrong photo, didn't have time to fix it. Hopefully I will get the correct photo in my next blog post. 

Actual there plenty of yummy veggies in garden. 

Got this purse a short time ago at thrift store. I like look or it and cut. Paid $7 for it. Not sure how functional it going to be. I will give week try. Got hunch it will be given to our local animal thrift store. Got a few things I will be taken in today. Hubby change oil and filter in pick up.

Yesterday I went though anther bag of FABRIC 

Coffee is on and stay safe

  1. Does Liz need to move? Although, if she can live elsewhere, maybe that's a good thing? But I don't know the whole situation... Looks like a nice purse.

  1. That really is an expensive storage unit. It looks like you have a pretty big garden.

  1. Nice purse great price

  1. Your veggie garden is quite large, are those potatoes running down the middle or bush beans? I love beans.

  1. Also I like your new blog colour.

  1. Read about the rains in the papers but your veggie patch came out OK, not drowned. I think you ll have a lot of fresh greens for meals.Do I see some spring onions and tomatoes too? Good job!

  1. Crazy to near to never being home...

  1. I like your vegetable garden, looks big. The bag looks good and useful.

  1. Lovely veggies in the garden! The new bag is very elegant, I like it! Have a great day, Valerie

  1. Our garden is beginning to produce now. Unlike your area, we are having lots of rain this year.

  1. Yummy veggies in the garden sounds wonderful!

  1. The purse looks like it would hold a lot. I love your vegie garden. If we had a place here I would plant some vegies too.

  1. Glad you got some rain. Your garden will love it. I’d love to see your new quilt project

  1. Well, the rain is usually nice. Can set the mood for many things.

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