Today Is July 23 2021, This Is What Happen

Posted Friday, July 23, 2021 by peppylady (Dora)


It been a while since I post a video, looks like 2 months ago I done a video.  I keep want to put in one of my post, about my husband shopping at Auto Zone. 

Coffee is on and stay safeday

  1. The only hair our Dad gets in his mouth is cat hair!

  1. Yay, you got the video done.

  1. Ya know, I have a sewing machine and tried using it back when it was given to me but I couldn't get the bobbin to thread. lol So it's been in the closet for years. I don't know if I'd have the patience to use it. I like your fabric.

  1. ...I've never made a video, perhaps I should try!

  1. Your video cut out right after you stuffed all the fabrics back into the bag. You can buy spare SD cards and use an empty one for recording so it doesn't cut out, then delete it once you have it on the blog, so the card stays empty with plenty of space.
    I like the first two fabrics and think they will work well together. That last one is more yellow than beige, but also more ochre than yellow.

  1. Some really pretty fabrics.
    Hopefully you will soon get the time to sew more

  1. I loved hearing your voice! Some fabulous fabrics in your haul. x

  1. It is nice to see you! You have some beautiful pattern there. I especially like the bird patterns.

  1. I have not try making a video. That was how my mom taught me to measure the length of the fabric. Lol! Happy weekend.

  1. Good to see you Dora.. you have some nice fabrics there. I think my favourite piece was the bird panels, they were gorgeous 💛

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