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Decided to post this morning or take about 20 to 15 minutes out before I finish getting ready for work.
It going to be pretty busy day. Liz my client get subsidizing housing or she would very well be living under bridge. I believe I will leave the housing situation alone for now.
I pretty much went off on a political rant, yesterday.
Then she has a doctor appointment down in Sandpoint late this afternoon.
I want to get my hours in before the end of week. Her daughter is coming to visit and she total jacked about it.

Have to give my self credit I been doing a lot better keeping my bullet journal up. And being back doing fitday has kept me more on track for better health choices.
I believe later on I will start tune up fitday. But I know what is reasonable setting for a per senior and female.
Not sure how much carbs vs fats I should be consuming.
This morning I am at 550 calories. But from that my fat calories is at 153. Carb calories is at 336, and protein is at 61 calories.
But for now I am just trying to keep my calories count between 2060 and 2,310. Haven't even been close to upper numbers.
I guess I sit that high so I won't feel guilty if I mess up.
That interesting sentence above.

Planning to drop off of few books at thrift store. Got ton or it seems that way of cook books. Well most time we use some recipe from the net.
Figured out what I will be doing on my next three sketch pages for the sketchbook project. One I will be crochet a small cover, and next two will be a COLLAGE

It time for me to finish up and get off to work.

Coffee is on



  1. I'm one of those people who will happily re-read a book I like. Those books I keep. But those books I reckon it's good enough to read just once -- or are so bad I couldn't finish them -- I take and donate to the local thrift store. Sometimes I think that's not very nice but, then, it's also entirely possible that what didn't appeal to me would appeal to others. So...!

  2. I am sad to read this sentence:"she would very well be living under bridge."

    Hope, you successful to help Liz to have a subsidized house...

    # Let's drink a cup of coffee

  3. The richest country in the world .... sigh ....

  4. I do have to cut out a lot of carbs in my last meals but Rice is just so delicious with the things that I have been cooking lately HAHA. And yes, great job on your bullet journal. I stopped mine mid-June and I have to keep up with the memories from my trip to Guam.

  5. I do like to take some of my books to our local charity shop … I think they are similar to your thrift stores? I tend to take some down and buy some while I'm there, it all helps doesn't it.

    All the best Jan

  6. I hope your work day went well.

  7. I had a bad day at work, let's leave it at that.

  8. The housing situation really sounds very scary... Best wishes it all goes well.

  9. Oh, and the Youth Centre youu asked about... I was just visiting. Leederville is in Australia, a suburb of Perth, where we go every two years. I live in Braunschweig, Germany (sadly).

  10. Whatever you do, listen to your body! That's my way of watching my weight. My body needs 7-8 hours sleep; sleep is a great metabolic booster. My daily food intake is a low-calorie one(around 1400 calories), with the right balance of protein, carbs, fats. Protein is a must as it helps burn fat. Weighing should be done often, otherwise you lose control. I'm retired, so it's easier to concentrate on Me.
    Having said that, I must admit I haven't given up anything I love to eat (cake, icecream), just eat it seldom, that is, not daily, not even weekly, but now and then.

  11. I get most of my recipes from the internet now a days too.

  12. Hi Dora! Thanks for coming by my place. The sketch book project sounds interesting and fun. Love things like that. And good job with the counting. I need to track much better than I am!

  13. Keep up the lovely sketch book project ~ so good for the 'spirit' ~ good luck with your calorie counting ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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