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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

It's Not Next Day Or Is It

I checked my self out of work. It seem like my client mostly Regis gets nothing or way to much. And either way and he comes stress and no one does well under stress.

So I'm at the library on one of there newer and fancier computer. After here I'm going to go up to Super one and see what I can fine to eat. I'm thinking of using the salad bar. Plus I need to get Regis a few items.
His occupational therapist comes in a little after 2 and I'm giving him a chance to rest.

One thing I can say I need to bring in my bullet journal on Thursday to organize his appointment. Confession time...I feel like a scatter nut case that the merry go round won't stop. 

I guess for now I can tell my reader in what going on so far. I'm one who like to contribute to make world better or life more balance.
This always bother me when I was a stay home wife and mother very rarely I got any help. My husband had the attitude since he receive a w-2 he was exempt from chores around the place.
Now since I'm one who is out in the labor force.
I still think I need to contribute to our home front.
So all every morning I do 3 chores around the place. This morning chores I did dishes, took out the trash, and clean the bathroom sink.
Murphy said before I start dishes that I didn't need to do chores since I'm heading to work.

Weigh in this morning and I was up. I will loose like 2 weeks in a roll and then I'm back up. I went though my weight lost register it like a check book register. All in all I'm pretty much staying the same.
We have a can that people put in topic they feel that need to be discuss. I don't know if I got this right word for word..."How are you keeping thing balance this summer"...

As for my craft I been diddling with crocheting and Murphy like a loose weave dish cloth. And my cousin in Oregon I'm doing up a locker hook trivet.
No color schema or design I'm just randomly picking 1.5 inch fabric strips out of a bag. The dish cloth is blue.
I've mention I'm drawing my own tarot deck. Right now I'm doing the Kings of Wands. One of the key words is admirable. So to me a admirable trait is "honesty" and I've find people who are honesty is trustworthy. So I'm going to draw a treasure chest just outside of his gate with key. I figure and honest person would not steel it. If a honest person had to take something out of because of need. They would take what they need and leave a note. Even if possible make things right.
Question time...What is an admirable trait to you?...Question time...What symbol do you associate with honesty?

Looks like it   No it doesn't look like it going to get hot. It been on hot streak for a while now. If all goes right I will post July weather in next three days.

Coffee is on


  1. Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy.

    1. I do but if you seen our place they need to be more time in the day

  2. What is a w-2 and how does it limit Murphy helping you around the house? I remember my second husband telling me I go to work so I should leave the dishes and vacuuming for him to do. So I left it, but he didn't do it and I got all the housework to do on my days off.

    1. Song bird hit the nail on the head since he earn a paycheak

  3. A w-2 is the form issued by the US government that shows your income and income tax. Murphy had the attitude that since he earned the paycheck and Dora was a housewife, she should do all the chores. Now that he's retired and she's in the workforce, she can't bring herself to make him do all the housework.

    I envy your crafting talent, Dora. I'm all thumbs.

    1. He does most of the house work. He cooked pork chops for dinner...Coffee is on

    2. Pork chops for dinner sounds good.

      All the best Jan

    3. I thought perhaps a W-2 was a disability form of some sort, so he wasn't able to help out with housework. So I was wrong. But now I'm stunned. Not helping just because he is earning the money? Not fair. At least he is helping now Dora is earning.

  4. Nice to meet you Dora. Thanks for visiting me. I have enjoyed my visit here.

  5. Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy.

    แตกใน xxx

  6. Hari OM
    Good you took a step back to give yourself and Regis some space. Yet that time is ever-filled.. women's work and all that. Some of it choice and some of it not. I guess that's some kinda balance!

    A symbol of honesty? Transparency. YAM xx

  7. Hello Dora ... my good wishes for the month of August.

    All the best Jan

  8. I think my positive trait is also the thing I dislike most about myself. I care deeply about others and this earth and want to make it better - at the same time this causes me much anxiety.

  9. Honesty has to be one of the most important trait one can have. As they say, the truth with set you free. I can't think of a symbol for it.

  10. I think our bodies and minds are so interwoven. Our thoughts influence the state of our body and vice versa.



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