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Posted Sunday, July 02, 2017 by peppylady (Dora)

Our local pagan group SPAIRFITEREA celebrate a late summer solstice, which to me sound to scientific. A lot of time it know as LITHA and there no wrong or right way to celebrate such an event.
But there is one rule "WARM NONE" which there tentacles and our conscience and sub-conscience can be our guide for this.
We ate, drink, share, and worship. To me a best part of any celebration is to have fun.
I've been ask what they do in pagan religious service. Each group or faith will do it different and even in our group things do change up.
There the prep work of getting the circle ready and tools one needs to use.
I would 3 steps one need to do...Mark out and Claim your area....basic manors with god and goddess goes a long ways...please, thank you, and your welcome.
and recognizes each corner.
Clean it, set up what one may need to hold a ritual, and seal it from any unknown entities.
Then your ready to use your circle for a pagan ritual.
Maybe a little later on I will share more on a circle. And also other way we may tap into our spiritual guides who or what they may be.

Question time...why do celebrating and working hard makes one tired? Need to catch up on such things is every day life. Right now the dryer is going.
Had to get food. Even if there was plenty of eats at the celebration.
Pagans come from all sort of back grounds. It pretty safe bet when Monday comes around we will be heading to our jobs.

I notice it been a while since any funds came forward toward DAISY and remember I match up to $50. Each month I put an extra $20 in can toward her.
Still can't post photos. Irritating! that what it is. I still have part of my bonus coming. See the in-home care company I work for gives out bonus twice a year.
But because there been people who don't or didn't file there taxes. Now they hold part of our bonus and I knew I had to send them a copy of my taxes, and it was send last Thursday or Friday and I'm not sure when I mail them. I'm trying to recall what I got and what percentage did I receive.
Well it doesn't matter. It will come. And I shall get a different lap top.

Coffee is on

  1. I used to read a bit about Pagan rituals and on the right days I would light candles and eat the seasonal foods, but it's been a very long time since I did.

  1. Yes, I agree. The best part of celebrations is to have fun!

  1. Hari OM
    In any expression of spirituality, the core purpose is to drop the "I"dentity and focus on the Higher/Other. Holding onto our egos and having expectations of what will serve that ego best, then finding that things often fall short, can be 'tiring'. In our ego-state, we are often dealing with the energies of other egos with which we interact, and that is 'tiring'. ... but we are so attached to 'me'... YAM xx

  1. Just been back to catch up on missed posts Dora.. I have to say I've always been fascinated by the Solstice festivals. You will have to share more with us. I have worn a Pentagram ring for years, and often get asked about it. I just like it ☺

  1. Oooh, new laptop... I hope you get a great one.

  1. Anonymous 2:06 PM

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