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Monday, May 23, 2016

Not The Total Please

Hang two mask I've gotten so far. The jokers or jester I got from my friend Quenella. The bubble lady mask is one I painted.
Couldn't quite figure out were I want to put the mask. Only thing I knew it was to be out side. So he suggested the power line pole.
So to me now it starting to look like a totem pole.
If your wondering if power company is going to come unglued about me hanging mask. I don't think very loudly.
The reason it the power pole with the yard light. We disconnected ages ago. I tried to check what they charge for a yard light, wanted me to down load something.

To Regis to the hospital and for some reason they were pack. Usual in lab work your in and out less the 30 minutes.
But today it was packed.
Sat there for an hour and there was problem with the paper work. So there trying to get hold of his primary doctor.
We're heading to Courd'Alene to get impression of his mouth for a set of denture.
Wednesday his social workers stops in.
So will try for Thursday morning.
But as he and I was waiting decided to look though a SMITHSONIAN magazine. There were a few article I read some short and not.
One was about collection of letters written to and from prisoner.
The other one was an archaeology dig on Jesus.
This one fasnated me the history and treatment of the mental ill.

One of thing I like to listen to is STORY CORPS and listen to every day folks. My second great grand father Gilman was a letter carry on horse back.
I wonder how many letters he actual delivered and what was in some of those letters.

So for I can find 10 common surname in my family tree, takse up a few pages in a phone book.
One is Miller and not sure if there any family connection to any of these. But also have
 COX line. Not many famous ones.

For my protein I had bacon, some type of sausage wiener from the senior center here in Bonners Ferry.
Veggie not all that healthy corn.
Well I ate lunch at our local senior center. Mainly because they were serving sauerkraut. Actual there lunch has quite a bit of carbohydrates.
Not sure what there budget is.

I went into our local tea shop REX THEATER TEA COMPANY and bought two loose leaf teas, an ounce of HOLY BASIL TEA and TURMERIC CHAI TEA. Both with a good kick which I like.

  Coffee is on


  1. The mask looks great. But you're going to hang that inside, right? I hate to think of the elements destroying all your hard work.

  2. I thought you were going to hang the mask in the house, I agree with Liz A. I think the weather could damage it - don't know what the Jester is.
    We had a yard light years ago, it cost us $10 a month, over a decade ago. I always thought it was a dandy way to help would-be thieves see where they were going.

  3. The utility likely thinks they still own the light pole, they also likely won't go to the expense of removing it and won't say anything about you putting stuff on it as long as you are not using their light. You could put your own dawn to dusk light on it, would be cheaper than paying them for one. In Port Angeles a yard light is 15 bucks a month.

  4. Lovely masks, Dora.
    I do hope all the medical stuff goes well.

  5. I like the idea of a 'totem pole'!!!

  6. I love yard art!!! Those look awesome!
    I have a few pieces that I need to spray with varnish so they'll hold up better in the weather.

  7. I love those masks! x

  8. beautiful masks!

    years ago i attached a clothes line to a utility pole, that made me public enemy number 1 with the power company.


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