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Monday, February 29, 2016

Before It Happen

Before I went to work. Stop in at our local library to make up some flyers for our "Bull" section at HEART ROCK WINES
We meet and gab.
Since I use alias there been a few of our flyers been taken down early. I have good hunch who is behind this.
One thing that I read some one broke into our local Catholic and Lutheran church here in Bonners Ferry.
I can see a lot similarity in these two faiths
 And pulled some Satanism stunt. 
Our group worships the earth and seasons.
There is complete different is living our spiritual path on your sleeve and putting it to good use.

I thought I would have a little more time before Carrie and Regis was heading off to Oregon. I thought it would be more like first of next month.
But there friend Earl is possible coming up this weekend and getting a u-haul and taking there items down.
I have my fingers cross that he can't make it up to a little later. She is no shape to travel to BRANDON OREGON and her husband and friend is heading down early.
To set up the place
And she takes some heavy medication and her next ones are due, I believe is the 23rd of March.
But for a short time and I talk to Murphy about her staying here. He had no trouble with it and I still will send my time slip in as I usual do.

Before I move on and tried once again to help Murphette. Which I know is a lost cause. I started to do some coloring in my adult coloring book.
Now back to Murphette. I gave her a call and to see if she knew or heard why she was refuse services for in-home care.
All of my other client is in better shape the she is. Now I'm wondering what she said to medicaid nurse.
Well I told her about 3 places I knew that was coming up. 2 mobile homes both 2 bedrooms. One has a fence yard and close to both of her daughters. $450 for rent.
She claims she can't afford that.
My friend LaWalla got in a subsidize apartment in Troy Mt and her rent is under $60 a month.
So I told Murphette about these opposition.
On the Troy she says she has no "Connection" with Troy. And can't afford $450 a month rent. Both places she would be close to her grand children.

Well her plan and I don't see her going though it. She going to down to the Bay Area. If she can't afford $450 a month rent here. How in hell is she going to afford to live in Bay Area. We have a bigger income and I know damn well I can't live in Bay area.
Her disability comes to around $750.
Well some people and her included, will CUT OFF YOUR NOSE DESPITE YOUR FACE

Murphy went to our local senior center and for the first time took part in FIT AND FALL and I believe I'm going to start up also.
I been getting in a little bit more movement.
Weigh in tomorrow at T,O.P.S. Not sure what scale will read.

checked what was up in my one flower bed. I planted a white lilac bush which survived the winter and  some of my "snowdrops" are up. Although not fully open.

Coffee is on

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  1. I have actually thought about one of those adult coloring books - nobody would have to see it - Right?

    You can bend over backwards for some people and yet they don't see it as a help - they will do what they will do and whine about their lousy choice later.

    Happy to hear you have signs of spring!


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