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Saturday, January 09, 2016

There Not Coming To Dinner

I would say majority of people in our community is uncomfortable about CHANGE. Today those who don't have trouble with refuges coming to our community, had a gathering at the Georgia Mae center in Bonners Ferrys.
I came in hour late, and miss the walk across the kootenai river bridge. And few people has standing around.
Well had chance to visit some of those who can excepted a wide view of the world.
No refuges are coming to this area. Not enough housing or the economy won't support them. My son's are economic refuges from North Idaho.

  Did a change up bit for our monthly social. our spairfitera gathering this time was at HEART ROCK WINES
Always a good laugh or so. Briefly talk about Imbolc and the plans for a next general meeting. Which will be held Wednesday Jan 27th.

Our right leaf spring broke on the pick up. We fixed it North Idaho style, not quite didn't have to use duct type.
It was fixed with  molding that you place around your doors and windows. nailed and wired on. Heard that Murphy dad used an axe handle to use as a shock.

Couple of events coming to Bonners Ferry. One is celebration of Human Rights Though the Arts. Then there is a drumming circle in Sandpoint Idaho, 400 Church street... The Gardenia Center on Church Street hosts a Native American Drum Circle from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. The circle will be drumming for peace, abundance, kindness, and the prevalence of The Good Red Road. Donations are welcome; there will be a limited number of hoop drums and shakers, so all are welcome to bring their own drum, shaker or flute. For more information, contact Jack at 208-304-9300.

Got a little more done in the small bedroom. I need a small container to put my brush on supplies I use with my acrylics paints.

Coffee is on 


  1. Leaf spring, the main leaf? If so it is important to replace it asap. There is a spring place in Spokane that may be as cheap as getting one from a wrecking yard.

  2. Doubtful we will see any refugees here in Wayne County either, as our economy is depressed also.
    Bummer about the broken spring. I will say - I have no idea how to fix anything like that.
    Would like to watch/listen to a drum circle - nothing like that in our area.

  3. BBC...I know it was on the left side. Hubby is gone and driving my car.
    S.J it funny how people act.

  4. Really, change is a difficult thing to do, especially if it's something we really don't want to change, or something we've grown comfortable with and it's scary to consider doing something differently.

  5. I think change is a tough thing for a lot of people. Hopefully if it's for the good, people are motivate to embrace it.


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