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Friday, January 15, 2016

Not Sure What She Will Be Doing

My friend LaWalla is moving over to Troy Mt. Right now she lived just across the state line, and drives into Bonners Ferry and take care of Regis.
Once she move into her new place she will have to drive 35 miles one way. Now I would guess she only drive about 20 miles
The drive is tearing her car apart. I believe she only in debt for about $6000. But she has some on going health issue and the cost burden her.
Her mom just past and there is some inheritance. But the family don't get along. Could have some drama.
Not sure what her cost will be or what sort of benefit she will be getting over in Montana.
She line up anther lady, Pasty to get in home care. which in mid Feb she will have the medicaid nurse come out.
Also Murphette is trying to get on. Not sure where the paper work is, on that.
Plus Carrie will have surgery. The doctor want to do some repair on the tendon in her right hip. So my hours will increase. By how much it any ones guess.
So LaWalla said she wouldn't leave me high and dry.
But what I see and hear about Montana it no better then Idaho.  A lease they have a state wage of $8.05 and hour. Better then Idaho.

I know we could use anther 10 hours. Which would put me up at a 30 hour week. Then if something happen to Murphy, not saying.
I would be able to stay in my home.
I wouldn't get his or my social security until I was 60 something, and I won't be 60 for anther 4 years.

Compare to some of the people I work for these in present time isn't all that bad.

I did get a short walk in today, up a small hill over on the north side. Finding a place where there no ice is quite the thing.
Eating a little bit got out of control. Both of my client have to many sweets.
Home wasn't all that bad.

To be honest with the world. I would rather do just Carrie and I would have time for my ceramics. But the reality is that we need about $1915.00 a month.
Wouldn't say we would be living high on the hog but there some breathing room.

Coffee is on


  1. As I recall, there isn't much in Troy.

  2. Seems there is always drama, when someone passes and leaves anything. My kids started telling me what I should leave to them when they were old enough to know what it was all about. They can dream, I have left it all to DH, if anything happens to him first - charity will get most except tokens. That fighting is too ugly.

    Thank goodness we don't have any ice - yet.


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