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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mange To Get In Some Stairs Climbing

Carrie in last two days, and same routine for tomorrow she has quite a few doctor appointment.
So when she was in counseling and took a short walk around the area. Never realized there was some homes below the rock cut, heading to local hospital in Bonners Ferry.

Today she went and had and MRI in Courd Alene and since it was a sloppy and slush. I decided for exercise to climb the stairs, and I was feeling it in my legs.

Not sure what kind of walking I will get in when we go to Sandpoint.

As for food I've done real good. I took a tuna fish sandwich with a little bit of pickle and onion add to the mix, yogurt, dates, and orange.
Four items seams to be a right amount for lunch. I took some extra food and shared them with Carrie.
Confession time...I feel guilty when I eat in front of anther person. So when my client or I'm in there home and none of them would have trouble me taking a break and having a bit to eat.
But my mom for some reason taught me it was rude to eat in front of anther person. And she also taught me if some one was kind enough to offer you to put your feet under there dinning room table. You always used your manners, and offer to help.

Dinner I know we having chicken and not sure what else.

   Bought a few items at dollar store and WINCO. Not much all was under $15. I sure wish they had a winco closer. I don't see Bonners Ferry having one. But Sandpoint would by a great place. Anyhow they pay a FAIR WAGE, and have benefits.
When I'm south I try to stop in and get few items.
Still try to avoid Walmart and Dollar store. But still end up buying a few items here and there.

Yesterday I believe it was that President Obama gave his last state of union address, and I got a political survey usual here in Idaho the ones I get is far right. When they call me, I wonder if they just dial the wrong number.
This time the question was leaning toward the right.

In his state of the union our president mention how our country was divide and he felt bad that it was so polarized between conservatism and liberalism.
And even at times the two have things in common.

I know I want BERNIE and lease likely candidate would be TED  for our next President.

Move on to anther set of 2nd great grand parents. Robert and Catherine (Pealer) McCalmant. He was from Warren County Pennsylvania. Not sure where is from.
Both was born in the early 1800's and died in there mid 80's
Not much known about them. A lot of un answer questions. Like where were they from 1890 to 1896.
It said he serve in the civil war and he would of been in his mid 50's.
I could believe that his son's served in the civil war.
One thing I know that his dad was born in Antrim County Ireland.

Coffee is on 


  1. I think our country is more than divided, it's like a cake cut up for a birthday.

  2. The state of the union address was damn near a copy of 1964.

  3. Glad the eating is going well.

  4. Our country is divided in a way that it hasn't been in ....oh, 155 years or so. Some of what is happening downright scares me, as a member of a religious minority. And, well, we both still struggle with our weight. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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