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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Either End

A lot of time I have Wednesday off. So I drove up on Katka Mountain where my friend Quenella lives. Had a cup of coffee, and talk for a short time before we adventure back in to Bonners Ferry. But I told her about over 300 people who was at our fair ground not to let in Middle Eastern into our county.
I hate to say this I'm "Embarrassed" about our local area how they behave toward Muslims. Quenella reaction is different she said she "isn't proud of her country"

The reason we went and did some shopping for "Christmas" I went to our local tree of sharing. So I'm picking out few items for a nine year old girl.
Quenella has been purchasing for some of the needy children in our area. I believe she covering 8 of them.
For years Quenella and when her husband Micheal was a live. They covered Murphette kids. I know they bought there girls dolls and she told me she bought them. I know dam well that Quenella bought them, and most of there gifts for Christmas. or those kids wouldn't have Christmas.
Actual come right down to it, Murphette  fairly selfish. But I do see some improvements.
So one the children she buys for is young Earl. Murphette oldest Grandson.

My dad and I use to go Christmas shopping in down town Spokane. When all the department store such as BONN MARCH"E and the CRESCENT and look at all the window displays. Such magic for a child's eyes.
But as we was out shopping I always had the opportunity to get a lease one item, for a needy child. Depend on the year some time up to three.
I believe there was a five dollar limit, and that was usual in the mid 60's.
Found out my parents gave one of our neighbors a $100 so there 5 children could have Christmas.

So I'm trying to carry forward. Although either Murphy or I every made the income my dad did.

But I have to say a few times, not many but I had to ask for Christmas presents for my sons. Asking wasn't the hardest. Going and getting them was the hardest thing hoping no one you knew saw you.
I know it would break my heart to coming Christmas morning and Santa never visited our place.

Eating went real well. I want to drink 40 oz of water by noon. Which never happen. But when I got home from shopping I had 32 oz of water and 16 oz before I left.
Breakfast consist of sausage patty, 2 eggs, and toast. Since it was late in the afternoon and I had a bowl of tomato soup with basil.
Dinner was pork chop thin sliced, potatoes with mushroom soup, and carrots.
We had a bottle of RUM from last family Christmas exchange. So I decide to open it and take a good size sample of it.
Both Murphy and I like Pina colada.

Well I believe most of my shopping done. I can only think of 4 gifts to go. It actual fits in 3 different categories, I want, need and should.
photos of what I'm getting the girl, never got a picture of the book I got her.

Coffee is on      


  1. That is one culture you do not want in your neighborhood.

  2. There not going to come here, nothing here for anyone. Most young people leaves the area right after high school.


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