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Friday, November 20, 2015

Some Time Someone Needs A Little Help Up

I heard the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is up. Those who are low income usual gets a box of food which includes a Turkey.
Today after Carrie's test at our local hospital. We drove up to our local food bank and got her box, which was put together by the SALVATION ARMY . I believe the closes Salvation army is out of Courd A' Lene.
They got a 13 pound Turkey with all the trimmings.

Finish up my last crochet dish cloth that will be use for Yule. Did each one a little different. Did total of 18 of them.
Well I'll post a few more photos though this blog post.
Not sure what Murphette is going to do about being homeless, she had all summer to find a place and choose to do little about it.
Yesterday was her last day to plug in. I'm afraid if we kept trying to help her she wouldn't do anything about her living in her van.
I tried to help, suggesting different organization and groups that might help her. I would guess she might of tried to call them and not push above that.
Her famous quote is "I'm the smarter then the average bear" and claims she has the brains of the family.
Good Lord, I would like to see the rest of them. I thought her brother a lease had his act together.
For some reason her brain is stuck in the teen years. Actual her decision making skills have never basically evolved much more.
No she isn't retarded or slow. Actual she might even have a fairly high IQ. But her EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is holding her back.
Maybe a few nights out in cold she might take some action and call a few of the agency. I did call her therapist.
The hardest thing is sending her off. Knowing how cold, seen it colder. Knowing that people freeze to death out in the elements. But Murphette and I knows her name and face which isn't easy.
But I believe I had no other choice.

 Eating went great until 3 this afternoon. Breakfast 2 eggs and some potatoes, Half of lunch I figure I might be home fairly early. So a chicken thigh and bowl of Chili.
I stop by Yodels and pick up some apples at fifty cent a pound.
And got a thirty cent piece of candy, that wasn't bad. But when I stop over at Regis and I had 3 sweets. 2 cookies and 1 slice of pumpkin pie.
Dinner was pickled beets, sweet potatoes, and chicken fried steak.
No walk today.

It pretty sad that our county doesn't have any type of shelter for the homeless. I see Sandpoint is a lease trying to do something about there HOMELESS
But the ideal of putting more low income apartments or mini homes in our area. Has some folks up in arms.
That you will be bringing in the poor those who are among the lease of us.

Coffee is on


  1. I'll find a Thanksgiving dinner somewhere, or cook a chicken.

  2. That's great that you know how to crochet. It's something I've been interested in learning.


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