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Monday, November 09, 2015

Please Don't Laugh At Us Humans

Mange to get a small walk in today, before I went to work. Most of our trees have pretty much lost there leaves.
Oh this week in weight lost been up and down. Not much planning at all. I know I've done a lot worst.
Our local pagan group will be having our monthly coffee and chat. I believe our last gathering they was 8 lovely people.
I'm quite happy how our little group has blossom.
No spells has been need casting, what could one more ask for.

Sunday Murphy and I went down to see Bart and Molly. Had a wonderful lunch at her parents,
they served us lasagna. And it was delicious.
Then the three of us girl went to craft show at Central Valley high school. It is fund raiser for there band and color guard.
Confession time...I felt a little depress there. I don't have the means to purchase items like my daughter in law and her mother.
I soon figure why I should feel depress by someone who can out spend me. 
 Ages ago my two Aunts Eve and Bea would have computation when it came to money. 
It was who could out spend each other or who could be the cheapest.
Us human are sure funny at times.
I did get a few items with in my budget.

I wonder how some people price there items.
I do crochet dish cloth and usual out of 3 ounce skein of cotton yarn. I get 2 dish cloth, and some left over. Usual that size a skein cost me around $3.00. 
I saw one booth selling dish cloth for a $1.00. personally I would ask $2.65 each. 
Then there is the other side of coin. That some prices made my jaw drop. Usual most people had pretty reasonable prices.


Good News I found out my first Grand child will be a girl. I need to figure out a stage name for my blog.
 Coffee is on


  1. I haven't been getting enough exercise lately. I meant to go for a walk this morning, but somehow it never happened.

  2. Congrats on the grand baby!

  3. "Confession time...I felt a little depress there. I don't have the means to purchase items like my daughter in law and her mother."

    Years ago made it clear that others wasn't getting anything from me and I wanted nothing from them.


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