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Monday, November 02, 2015

Not Big Steps

     I know it doesn't look like much been done. But I did complete two projects: when it comes to the bed.
Got rid of all the trash and put away the items that I know where they belong.
In the next few days I will go farther along on the bed.

I'm leaning strongly sell this book case at the yard sale, in 2016. We have a weird shape cabinet that should fit in there.

I figure I needed to get back on track when it came to eating. Breakfast one egg, 2 potatoes on the small size, and 2 links. Lunch was one burrito,
As for naughty food. I decide to toss the dice and what every number came up. That's how many piece of Hershey kiss, two was it.
Did a lot better when it came to water

Murphy and I took out anther birch. Which will be a good wood when it becomes super cold. 
At this point it wasn't.
On the average the temp been on the warm side. Usual by now we had a few snow flakes in yard, not this year.
A friend of ours move back. John was living in Milwaukee. 

                                                                     Coffee is on 


  1. Just re-discovered an old favorite "naughty food" you might like to try, Peppy. Whenever red grapes or blue berries are on sale, buy an extra bag. Wipe them clean with a paper towel and spread them on wax paper on baking sheets, then freeze. Some folks sprinkle a little confectioner's sugar on them before eating, but I like them plain.

  2. Small steps can definitely make a difference!

  3. You've made a good start. Now, you have to complete the tasks you've set for yourself.

  4. I got a neat place by moving. LOL


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